Not filed Annual Return? Grab this opportunity through CLSS 2014

Updated as on : 15th November, 2014. CLSS gets extension for another month (extended till 31’st December , 2014). Refer: General Circular no. 44/2014 dated 14.11.2014 I do get a lot of questions from the business owners who had incorporated their ventures but never filed any Annual returns so far, either due to less / NIL business […]

282 Sections notified (Companies Act 2013) & it’s comparison with Companies Act 1956

Reference: Circular number. 07/2014 dated 01.04.2014 by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Dissemination of Information with regards to provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 as notified till date vis-à-vis the corresponding provisions of the Companies Act 1956. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs had notified 98+1 sections on 12.09.2013 and 183 sections w.e.f 01.04.2014 of the Companies […]

Implementation of 183 sections of the Companies Act, 2013

The most awaited New Companies Act,2013 is being  rolled out /will be in effect starting from April 1’st, 2014 – according to the notification issued by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, dated 26th March, 2014. Following 183 sections or part thereof of Companies Act  2013 mentioned there-under will become applicable from April 1’st, 2014 and corresponding provisions […]