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Welcome to my blog!! This is my sincere effort to help people understand the Company Formation procedure & other related aspects in detail.

I am an Independent Practising Company Secretary (a Fellow Member of ICSI  also empanelled as a Peer Reviewer by ICSI Peer Review Board (PRB)) & a Law Graduate from Pune, India, with around 17 years of experience in Corporate Legal Services (with more than 8 years in Independent Practice) providing a range of advisory services targeted to individuals /SME’s/ Start-ups.

Serving domestic as well as International (NRI/OCI/PIO) Clients to Setup/establish their Start-ups/businesses (Private/Public Limited, LLP/LLC, Partnership Firms/Proprietorship’s) in India.

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Specialised Services : 
  • Company Formation (Pvt.Ltd/LLP/Public Company/WoS, Section 25 (Non-Profit/NGO)
  • Advisory Services to Start-ups, Joint Venture/WoS (Wholly owned Subsidiary)
  • Retainer-ship Services (Post-Incorporation) viz. Annual e-filing / Statutory Compliance / Secretarial Audit/ Compliance
  • Trademark Registration
  • Foreign Exchange Management
  • Company Law Settlement Scheme (CLSS)

Other Services : Partnership Firm Registrations, Digital Signature (DSC), Importer Exporter Code (IEC), Shop Act License/Registration, PAN/TAN, Profession Tax, VAT/Service Tax Registration, Statutory Stationary, Corporate Legal Agreements, Bank Charge search report / creation / modification / satisfaction documentation

Clientele spread across following Domains :

Business Consulting
Construction/Real Estate
Healthcare/Medical Tourism
Utilities/Energy Solutions
Matrimonial Services
HR Consulting
NGO/Non-Profit Organization (under section 25)


Check out the complete list of Services offered.

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Help spread the word..
  • 94
  • 94

531 thoughts on “About me

  1. We have incorporated OPC on 10/05/2017. What will be the date of AGM and what are the due date of annual filind of OPC and what is the due date of appointment of statutory auditor?

    Looking forward for your positive reply

  2. Is it Possible to Change MOA from 1956 Act to 2013 Act.

  3. I have started food products manufacturing business. I have got shop act registration done. Need to get proprietor registration done. How do I it?

  4. We are in process to incorporate into a company, MCA portal repetitively gives queries on attaching address proofs and writing names of first directors as per Table F in AOA.

    You can see the electricity bills attached with SPICe32 form and names of first directors in AOA are written as per our best understanding of Table-F. You are requested to provide a specimen / example for writing names in AOA as per Table-F.

    As the MCA states the SRN has not been taken on records due to max resub opportunities exhausted, we are ready to file incorporation forms afresh. We request you to advise us regarding linking paid stamp duty and PAN-TAN fees with fresh submission.

    • As per MCA queries, please attach address proofs and write names of first directors exactly as per DIN or PAN card or Passport name ( in case of NRI or foreign national). You will have to pay fresh ROC fees and stamp duty fees, PAN TAN fees. Previous SRN is lapsed after two resubmissions.

  5. Hi,

    I registered an OPC in Karnataka on January 4th, 2018.

    Please let me know whether Auditor Appointment is mandatory within 30 days of incorporation.

    Also, what are the other things that are mandatory for an OPC after registration and how can it be done.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    • After registration of OPC, appointment of CA and CS within 30 days is necessary. PAN TAN, opening of bank account, deposit of share application money , issue of share certificate to subscriber of Memorandum within 2 months from date of incorporation is necessary.

    • After registration of OPC, appointment of CA and CS within 30 days is necessary. PAN TAN, opening of bank account, deposit of share application money , issue of share certificate to subscriber of Memorandum within 2 months from date of incorporation is necessary.

  6. We established an LLP on 30.08.2013 and could not do ANY BUSINESS at all. Since incorporation of LLP no statutory forms filed till date (including form 3). We wish to close the LLP and approached a consultant and was told about huge filing fees +penalty to be incurred for updating the form 8 and 11 now and then only can proceed to close. the penalty amount is close to Rs.3Lacs. Is there any way we can avoid the penalty since we have not done any business, not even opened any bank account and not even obtained PAN too…

    • I would like to advise you to please refer this Notification dated 16th May 2017. As per Section 79 (1) and (2) of LLP Act and Rule 37 of LLP Rules, the LLP shall file overdue in form 8 and 11 upto the end of Financial year in which LLP ceased to carry on its business or commercial operations before filing e-form 24 ( i.e. LLP closure form). As I am not aware of your financial status as on date. You can take advantage of this notification and close LLP if there is no business operation since incorporation ( even bank account is not open). This is my advise based upon information provided to me and advise can vary depending upon situation and actual facts of each case.

  7. Hi Meenal ma’am, I want to register a company that will newly start by me , it can be a chemical form company, hence can u plz guide me to how to register new firm.
    I need ur appointment for discuss such things.


  8. Madam,

    If newly formed company with one foreign promoter within how many days we need to report to RBI Advance reporting and Form FC-GPR.

    • As per Foreign Direct Investment Policy (i.e. FDI policy), amount received from foreign promoter shall be reported to RBI within 30 days of receipt of remittance by filing form ARF and file FCGPR within 30 days of making allotment of shares to foreign promoter.

  9. I am having issues while filling up Form 11 for an LLP. All the designated partners are only partners of that LLp and are not associated with any other LLP company. Should the number of LLPs be mentioned as 0 or 1 under Point No. 10? There was a delay in filing Form 8 for FY 2015-16 and the same has been filed in the first week of April Should the same be mentioned under Point No. 13? Kindly revert by tomorrow

  10. If a foreign director of an an unlisted private limited company wants to sell shares to an Indian employee, should he get RBI approval? Could the Indian employee become a director even after acquiring one share? At what price should the shares be transferred? Could the transaction be routed through automatic route?
    If the company wants to appoint an outside investor to buy some shares from it, how would the same be valued if 40% or 50% of the shares have to be sold/transferred to that person? The company is incurring heavy losses over the past 3 years. Is it necessary to value the shares only or the complete company with fixed assets and other things?

    • If foreign director wants to sell shares to an Indian employee, then Indian company shall be required to report form FCTRS to RBI within 60 days from date of receipt of consideration. But if the reporting is not done within 60 days then RBI approval is required before transfer of shares. Yes, Indian employee can become director of company. Shares will be transfered at Market value or face value whichever is higher. CA will do valuation and valuation report is required while submitting FCTRS form with RBI. whether it will come under automatic route or not, that is decided upon nature of business of Indian company.

  11. A Director of an overseas company who has established a place of business in India wants to transfer his shares in the Indian business to an Indian employee. Could the transfer be effected? Does it require RBI approval? At which price should the shares be transferred? (The company in question is an unlisted company).

    • Yes Transfer will be effected from Director of overseas company to Indian employee. Yes RBI reporting shall be required. Based upon FDI policy and nature of business, you will have to check whether it is falling under automatic route or approval route of RBI.Accordingly do the reporting.


  13. Hello Mam,

    What is the procedure for conversion of partnership firm into private limited company

    • While conversion of Partnership firm into Private ltd company, the object of MOA of Pvt. Ltd shall include clause that it is conversion and all assets and liabilities shall be taken over by Pvt. ltd and the firm shall be dissolved immediately. While making name application, Main object shall include this clause and IT receipts of partnership firm shall be attached. File INC-1 for name approval and SPICE form i.e INC-32,E-form INC-33 For MOA and e-form INC-34 for AOA.

  14. Thank you for the very informative articles. Replies are also given to each comment. Your efforts and patience are appreciated.

  15. Madam
    Please inform if a company has failed to file e-form 23AC 23ACA and form 20B from 2006-07 onwards and has become defunct. It want to now revive and file all pending forms with additional fees. Firstly can it do so. If so what is the procedure. Secondly how will the fees be calculated.?

    • Get Audited Balance sheet prepared from Chartered Accountant, File pending e-forms with penaly. Visit MCA portal , check Enquire Fees option, specify UIN of company, date of event, you will come to know fees till date.

  16. Hello Ma’am,

    I am NRI living in Dubai UAE. I want to register a company in India in regard with import -export in food business. Will need your help in guiding me to setup the company.

  17. hello mam i want to start IT company in pune which provide services in software development ,training in IT ,education and i want to work in any where in india
    plz give the suggesion

  18. I have registered a Pvt ltd; co. on 06/01/17, what are the post incorporation procedures, so as to avoid any interest or penal activities.

  19. Hi Madam…

    We have an LLP Incorporated on 30/12/2015.Now we thought of close the LLP.
    Please let me know we need to file the annual returns and plz suggest me the process of closing the LLP without any problems.

  20. i want to register a new company with vat no servise tax no & company registration

  21. Hi Mam

    Filing of ADT-1 is mandatory for appointment of first auditor??.

    • ADT-1 for appointment of auditor in first Annual general meeting is compulsory. Filing of ADT-1 for appointment of first auditor in first board meeting is not mandatory. Normally CA suggest to file ADT-1 after appointment in Board meeting, with Government but there is no provision about this in Companies Act to file ADT-1.

  22. I want to meet you for consultation in regard to private limited companies. Can I have the appointment with preferable days and time.

  23. hello mam! , recently incorporated an OPC, please clarify me about the following post-incorporation compliance
    1. is it compulsory to display the name board(of the company) outside the registered office, of course it wont be a problem to maintain the same outside business office
    2. regarding appointment of an auditor: do i need to appoint him/her on monthly salary basis, because mine is a small company


  24. Very useful blog for me….
    thanks mam

  25. hello mam,
    have u written a blog regarding changing the status of a company from dormant to active as per the companies act 2013. kindly enlighten on the same.

  26. Nice blog article for company registration .

  27. We want register our company.

  28. Hello Mam,

    How to cancel the DIN no since director has two DIN no where DIN1 is been used and DIN2 have never been Considered (Can we cancel the DIN2, What will be the procedure for the same)
    it will be great if you mail the the procedure.

  29. Dear madam,

    I am a director in a public limited company (closely held) . I want to know if i will incur income tax or any other tax if i am selling my shares. Also if tax is incurred what is the suggestion to save on it.
    Best regards

  30. Hi mam
    I want to do ROC Filing for the financial year 2013-2014 now,for that shall I proceed with new forms-ACO-4 & MGT-7 or Old Forms 23AC,23ACA

  31. Hello mam

    I need to file the annual returns of a company from last 5 years, for 14-15 filling AOC-4 & MGT-7 forms,but which form for filling for previous years?

    due to site updation there are no old forms, Form 23AC & 23 ACA

    Please help!

  32. Hi,
    I am looking for setting up a new starup. Request your assistance for following:
    1. Setup documentations and legal formalitirs
    2. PAN, TAN etc
    3. Fees transfer details (national , international)

    Can you plz advice what time suits your availability for discussion on this?

  33. Hi! Ma’am:

    Our company(Pvt Ltd) is dealing in Industrial Instrumentation. We now want to set-up a training institute under the same company. How is this possible? Do we set-up a separate division? If yes what will be the tax implications and what is the procedure?

  34. I applied for the name approval with the jurisdiction of registrar of companies, mumbai now the client wants to set up the business in pune so can I do the incorporation with the ROC, Mumbai with the address of Pune or whats the procedure to change the roc from name approval.

    • After name approval, applicant cannot change ROC from Mumbai to Pune. Nor he can file documents with ROC Mumbai by submitting registered office of Pune because Pune and Mumbai ROC are two different offices. In such case, an applicant has to wait till expiry of name approval letter and then file fresh name application with ROC Pune.

  35. Kindly advice documents & formalities necessary/required from NRI & Foreign national name to include their names in registred Pvt. Ltd. architectural consultancy & contracting firm, as shareholders/Investors.

  36. how to file company annual forms for years prior to 31.3.14 now?

  37. how to file annual accounts of 2013-14 and prior years now due to recent changes in MCA sit last week

  38. how to registred my company private limited in a startup concept that is given by modi ji and also give me details how to save first 3 year tax benefits.

    • For making application under start up, first of all it should be either Private Limited or LLP. The applicant has to make application for start up and attach proof of innovation , letter of recommendation from authorised agents. Please visit Start up site for the further details.

  39. Is there any documentary evidence from ROC regarding Appointment / Resignation of Director.

    • DIR-12 once filed, the company will get Challan towards payment of ROC fees for appointment/ resignation of directors. Also the company -view signatory details get updated. This will be proof.

  40. A public listed company (listed on BSE) has a MD cum CEO & CFO (separate persons). The MD & CEO is hospitalized and undergoing treatment abroad. The CFO has been elevated as CEO by virtue of a Board Resolution and has been informed to the stock exchange. My query is as follows:
    As per clause 36 of the Listing Agreement, indicative list of events has been given and one of the events, probably falls in the residuary category.i.e.

    Any other information having a bearing on the operation/ performance of the listed entity as well as price sensitive information.

    Since the CFO has been elevated as CEO and MD/CEO may be non functional till further notice. Would this require intimation to be given to the stock exchange as it would imply having a bearing on the operations/ performance of the Company and if not given, would it constitute violation of clause 36 or any other clause of the Listing Agreement?
    Request you to please give your valued opinion.

  41. Hello mam
    I want close company under FTE route..Do I need to file previous years annual return or can I directly apply under FTE to ROC

  42. There is one company incorporated in Feb 2014,so it can close its financial year 31/03/2015.(taking benefit of 15 months extension under companies act 1956).
    I want to know which form I need to file for annual filing for Fy 2015.

    Because when I’m filing AOC4, the form is not accepting financial start date before 31 /03/2014.
    And if I’m filling form 20b, it’s not accepting agm date of 30/09/2015.
    Kindly let me know can I file 23AC And 23ACA and MGT 7 for this company.

    Thanking you in advance.

    • If the company is incorporated in Feb 2014, then company shall file e-form 23AC 23ACA. This 2016 would be last year to file these form, the government will not provide facility thereafter. File e-form MGT-7 for annual return and ADT-1 for appointment of an auditor.

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