Relaxation of additional fees & extension of due date of filing by MCA

Due to technical issues arising after transition from TCS to Infosys, MCA has issued a Circular regarding relaxation of additional fees & extension of the last date in filing various forms.

This move is really satisfactory for all the Stakeholders!!

Circular No. 3/2013

Subject: Relaxation of additional fees and extension of last date in filing of various forms with MCA.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has decided to extend the last date of filing and to relax the additional fees applicable on forms as per the provisions of Companies Act, which have ought to be filed post transition of MCA 21 w.e.f. 17.01.2013, but could not be filed due to technical issues in the MCA 21 system.

The present circular clarified that the following relaxation shall be considered by Registrar of Companies (ROC) /Regional Director (RD) on case to case basis while allowing for such relaxation or extension as the case may be for forms to be filed or submitted or resubmitted:

  • The last date for filing of forms where the due date is falling on or after 17.01.2013 is without charging additional fees.

  • All documents expired on or after 17.01.2013 due to non- submission/resubmission may be restored back.

  • Filing of court orders etc. where due date/ date of filing was on or after 17.01.2013 is extended without payment of additional fees.

  • Name availability expired due to non- submission of incorporation documents will be made available for the same.

  • In case of charge documents, if due date will be extended by RD on case to case basis where due date of filing was on or after 17.01.2013.

  • Due date in all above cases extended till 28.02.2013.

Process: The Company/ Professional will make request by email/post with RD/ROC alongwith supporting documents. RD/ROC will raise ticket on service desk immediately after examining the application. The team of operator will resolve the ticket as per the request of RD/ROC. The system generated email will be sent to RD/ROC and user will be informed accordingly. The user should file the application within time given.

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8 thoughts on “Relaxation of additional fees & extension of due date of filing by MCA

  1. Hi , really liked your blog , very informative. Could you also please tell me if we can find out wether a person has genuinely served on the board of a company??? or he/she is just saying so … I could see a list of existing directors but I do not see any list of people who have served in the past as well along with their clear status on the same
    Thanks would appreciate reply

  2. Due to technical problem the due date filing form INC 22 expired,ie could not be submitted within 15 days of incorporation.Now the following error message shows when upload the form
    “The registered address should be submitted within 15 days of Incorporation ”
    Please help

  3. Due to some technical problem the due date of filing Form INC-22 expire and the same could not be submitted in time ,now when i tried to upload the form the following error message show
    “The Registered Address should be submitted with 15 days of Incorporation”
    Please help

    • While incorporation the Form INC-22 should be submitted along with Form INC-7 and Form DIR-12. If the due date of filing form INC-22 expired then you will have to now attach copy of registered address as per pre scrutiny error.

  4. due to problem in login to MCA site our Company Form 1, 18 and 32 had been delayed by 2 days (after 60 days of name Approval)

    even our MCA account was blocked many times

    Can we get relief for this company registration since all form uploaded 2 days after the required time ?

    • I think since you have successfully uploaded forms of incorporation after expiry of 60 days, it means that there won’t be problem.

      I advise you that in future if you find any difficulty in uploading form within time specified due to technical issues of MCA portal, please approach nearest Registered office of the company before expiry of specified period alongwith the document, letter of request, form. Even today also some of the professionals are facing the problem in uploading the forms on MCA portal.
      Please note that there is no procedure for extending the period specified for each form. But at least you can request well in advance to ROC concerned person to look into the matter and resolve it. Even you can raise ticket on MCA portal. The system would resolve it within 2 days.

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