Statutory Compliance / Formalities after Incorporation of the LLP

Statutory Compliance after Incorporation of the LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)

After formation of Limited Liability Partnership, every LLP firm shall be required to comply with following statutory requirements as per LLP Act, 2008 and LLP Rules.

A. To maintain financial affairs and file accounts

a) To maintain proper books of accounts relating to its affairs for each year on cash or accrual basis and according to the double entry system of accounting and shall maintain the same at the registered office of the company.

b) The accounts of LLP shall be audited by an auditor.

B. Returns and records required by LLP

Books of Account LLP should maintain proper books of account.
Minute Book Minute book should be maintained to record minutes of meetings of partners and managing/executive  committee of partners.
Change in partners Any change in partner and designated partner (admission, resignation, cessation, death, expulsion) should be filed electronically in e-form 4 within 30 days of change with fees.
Supplementary LLP agreement Such admission and cessation will alter mutual rights and duties of partner shall change. Hence, supplementary LLP agreement will be required which is also required to be filed in e-form 3 within 30 days of change with fees
Statement of Account and solvency Statement of Account and Solvency (SAS) is to be filed annually in e-form 8 with required fees. It is to be filed within 30 days from expiry of 6 months from end of each financial year i.e. by 30th October.
Annual Return Annual Return should be filed with ROC in e-form 11 with filing fees, within 60 days from close of financial year i.e. by 30th May.
Heavy penalty Heavy penalty of Rs 100 per day for late filing of returns.
Inspection of documents Incorporation document (form 2), Annual Return (form 11), Statement of Account and Solvency (SAS) (form 8 ) and Name of partners and changes, if any, made therein (form 4) are available for public inspection on payment of fees but  LLP agreement is not available for public inspection].

C. Compliance of Meetings of LLP as per LLP agreement

Sr. No. Nature of Meeting Number of meetings Period
1 First General Meeting N.A. Within 30 days of incorporation
2 General Meeting 1 In 1 Financial Year
3 Executive Committee 2 In 1 Financial Year


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245 thoughts on “Statutory Compliance / Formalities after Incorporation of the LLP

  1. Does the llp need to mention on the letter head about the Former name for 12 months?

  2. Whether do we need to file for the appointment of Auditor of LLP?

  3. Like the companies act do we need to hold the first meeting in the LLP

  4. we did not file eform-3 yet. or we might have filed, but don’t know. how to check or what is the thing to do now? because we recently filed form 8 and 11, but not sure about form-3. is form 3 same as appointment of auditor? we have not set appointment of auditor too. are there any penalties for the same? or not? is there a way for us to check the status of our llp on mca? please advise

  5. which one will be advisable, a LLP or a private limited company in all aspets

  6. My question is continued part of S chowdhury.. please tell me wether we should filie initial Agreement & Supplementary LLP agreement both in a single form or one should first file Initial LLP agreement & then supplimentory agreement since one of the partner is not ready to become a partner of the LLP now??? is any separate stamp duty required to be paid on Supplimentary Agreement??

  7. Mam,
    what is the procedure to appoint or change statutory auditor in an LLP. are any forms required to be filed to RoC?

  8. An LLP was incorporated in July 2014 with two partners; however no business was started; no contribution made; no bank account opened; no PAN sought; no dealings or transactions – NOTHING AT ALL; the LLP did not file any returns with income tax or ROC either. Can the LLP be closed without inviting any penalty(s); also if it is not closed now and continued to exist without filing any returns, would it be possible to revive and restore at any later date (if business is sought to be started) without inviting any penalty(s) ? Would be much obliged for guidance/reply

  9. Madam,
    A LLP has 3 partners. All the 3 partners are body corporate (Company) and 3 nominees (Director of Company) are nominated from body corporate as designated partners. One of the designated partners (Nominee from a company) Mr.x died on 09/05/2016.
    Now the other director of company wish to nominated Mr. y in place of Mr.x as body corporate designated partner.
    My query which form should be filed for this change?
    LLP Agreement should be changed or not?
    Please suggest.

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