How to check name availability for the Private company or LLP with ROC / MCA?

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**** Updated as on February 23rd, 2014 ****

What’s Updated? – MCA Circular on : Use of word ‘National’, ‘Bank’, ‘Exchange’, ‘Stock Exchange’ in the names of Companies or Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs).  Refer General Circular No. 2/2014

One can check whether the proposed Company Name (Private Limited or LLP) is available for Registration or not with the RoC/MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) website Check Name Availability.  If the company name doesn’t exists then it will display the relevant message.

One can also check the existing Company Names Database of Company/LLP. It gives following options to search

Search based on RoC-Registration No. – If you know the RoC- Registration Number, use this option.

Search based on existing company/LLP name – Here you have more options to find out the names using options like Ends with, Is equal to, Starts with, Contains anywhere.

Search based on Inactive CIN – If you know CIN of the Inactive Company you can use this option.

Search based on Old Name of Company/LLP – If you know the old company name.

There are few guidelines issued by MCA with respect to the New Company Names, which can be found here.

You may also read the “Common reasons of rejection of New Company Name“.

If anyone wants to check whether a specific Company is really registered (legality) with the MCA/Government of India, then follow these steps to check the same.

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186 thoughts on “How to check name availability for the Private company or LLP with ROC / MCA?

  1. Mam, we are in to real estate business in Visakhapatnam would like to register our company under LLP. The desired name is Sea Shells Vizag. Can you help us in getting the name registered under LLP. we have obtained DIN and Digital signatures

  2. Hi,
    I gave names as
    think wealth investment advisory services and think wealth financial services llp and both names got rejected saying object word should comply with sebi guidelines.Can you please help

    • As per Incorporation Rules of Company law, if the proposed name includes investment etc then approval from SEBI is required. Hence please take approval or if the company is not investment company but doing other business activities then visit nearest ROC office or resubmit the form with some fresh names.

  3. I have registered my company in USA as KNK Healthcare Services LLC now I have to register the offshore company in India with the same name, but MCA has suggested to resubmit with a new a name as there is similar company name was registered. Now I can’t register with any other name in India. How to register with the same name in India. Kindly help me to resolve this issue.

  4. We are applying fresh company under the company act, 2013. In this regard, we have submitted INC-1 and after that MCA sent back for resubmission of form with a query that for conversion of partnership firm into company, point number 3a (Part I Company) in the E-form is required to be selected by the applicant. One of the main object of company are to take over the existing partnership business with two partners. The company is to be formed with four subscribers (two of them are the existing partners). URC-1 is to be filed after reservation of name only if no of subscribers is seven. but in this case, it is four. How could I do ?

    • Chapter XXI Companies Authorised to register under the Companies Act 2013 talks about comapny means any partnership firm, limited liability partnership, cooperative society, society or any other business entity formed under any law for the time being in force which shall apply for registration under Chapter XXI. Any company consisting of seven or more members may at any time register under this chapter. In your case the partners are below seven so it is not treated to be Chapter XXI Part I Company. You can raise the ticket and solution will be provided.

  5. hello madam,

    certificate of incorporation not Received but CIN Number and company Status are Reserved what i filed spice form INC-32,33,34 PAN & TAN WITH dsc. what problem where the search certificate of incorporation

  6. Can we apply for name “Timber Importers LLP”

  7. Hello Meenal
    I want to start a business and I would like to know do I need to register a company necessarily along with website.

    Second: All 7 compliance are really that tough as they sound
    Third: in what minimum possible ways I can start doing business.

    Considering everything will be legal in terms of TAX and other procedure

    Can I call you for understanding

  8. we are startup but dont want to form Pvt ltd right now due huge compliances involved.So is it good to first get trade mark and after 1 or 2 years get company name ?
    also does MCA first checks Trade Mark database before allocating company name..? So that we are sure in these duration no one else get our company name..Thanks

  9. Hi,

    Really useful for everyone… businessmen as well as students

  10. What does status “ALLOCATE” in MCA mean?

  11. Hello Meenal

    Is it possible to register LLP in residency address

    Thank You

  12. Hello mam,

    If someone wants the name of company starts with there surname but trade mark already registered with that surname, then in such case there is any possibility of approval of name starting with same surname by MCA.

  13. what does the status “RESERVED” means?

  14. Hello,
    The name of the co. will be reserved for 60 days.

    Is it possible to reserve name for two years?

    Is it possible to take extension time to time?

  15. Mam,

    I want to start my own business in real estate and construction sector.I want to know the process for my company registration as well as want to know that the various forms of company i mean Ltd,LLP,etc

  16. Hello Madam,
    I had a query regarding Name application.
    I have applied for a name in INC 1, my article did a mistake in spelling. Can you assist me what all are the options available to change the same?

  17. Nice website to know about company status

  18. What are name guidelines, other than general guidelines, in case of conversion of private limited company into LLP

    • To convert Pvt. Ltd into LLP, following would be formalities –
      Firstly the board resolution shall be passed in LLP for giving authority to director to apply for conversion and filing application.

  19. Madam from where we can get the contact number of newly registered companies with MCA as Email Ids is already provided.

  20. Whether we can use the a same name of LLP , for a new company if it belongs to the same group?

  21. Hi,

    Thanks for your valuable article, helped alot.

    I wanted to register a pvt ltd company, and have already searched the MCA database and the name is available, is there anything which can still reject my company proposed name, and what would be the approx fee/charges for the whole process.

    Appreciate your reply and help

  22. Hello mam,

    I want to know that when we apply for name availability sometimes ROC reply with Registered Trademark in particular name so same cannot be available. So is there any way out to find that whether for particular name any trademark is registered or not before applying for the name to ROC?

  23. Hello,
    My Cousin has one company which is registered. and he wants to change name of the company. would it be possible? is yes, what is process, whoom to contact?

  24. I want to apply for the name of the company which is already registered in Mca site as strike off status. Can i apply for same name

  25. Please i want to know by the Registration no of the any Company, That is Registered or not.
    I am trying to Job for overseas…

    How to check it is true or fake.

    Lakshman Singh


  27. Hi Meenal,

    Thanks for the blog and more importantly I really appreciate to see you responding on every comment.

    Can you please guide me towards the details of Authorized capital of 1 Lakh INR ?
    Suppose I have to incorporate a Pvt. Ltd. then does the above means I have to deposit this money in company’s account ?
    Also does the procedure change if the name is ABC Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. or ABC corporation Pvt. Ltd. ?

    Awaiting your response.


    • Thank you for your comment. Authorised capital means company’s capital. The shareholders are required to deposit share application money ( i.e. subscription money as per MOA) in Company’s bank account. The procedure will be the same though the names are different.

  28. I am trying to register a company with some name but that name allready been registered in 2005 but no activity so far. is it possible to get that name? if yes what is the procedure?

  29. Hi,
    I want make a registered my new company name. Name is sarathi travels. So if you don’t mind can you tell what are all the documents required. Please let me know.

  30. Mam,i wanna open my LLP. what is the procedure.plz suggest me……..

  31. Mam, I want to registred new company. Can u give me detail of document which require and expenditure detail.

  32. we wanted to register my company as a aavron management consulting and solution
    but due to avaron name is already registered I am not able to get registered please suggest

  33. Hello

    i own this website and have started business, my intention is to form an LLP, and i am being told neither .com nor abbreviated is possible. Is it true? can I run and operate have multiple websites under one LLP name?

  34. Hello Madam,

    I just have a quick query, Is PT applicable to NRI Directors of Pvt Ltd company registered in Mumbai?


  35. hey i want to check weather a company is registered with roc/mca or approved by govt. of india

  36. Hi we have started a firm and Registered but we are chageing the Address of the firm in this case we have to uplaod the INV -22 form in MCA Site or not require to upload the same please give me the Clarification regarding this.

  37. Hello there,

    My question is may we register a new company name if available with entitle CORPORATION for example ABC CORPORATION


  38. Gm Mem,

    I want to incorporate pvt ltd company , also i have check name availability and the name is not exist in ROC database, so i think name is name is available. But my doubt is can we get register every single desire name which is available or there is any rules regarding name registration. Because my friend told me that we have to give 2 to 5 name for company registration .
    Please help me.

  39. hymem tell me how to register name my company

  40. Mam i set up a online e-commerce website for purchase and selling of goods by a particular name and i just wanted to register the “NAME”,only not the firm so,can you please let me know the process and fees of the following and after this can i use “R”symbol is front of my brand name.And is it possible that we only can register the name.Please reply as soon as possible.

  41. Hello,
    i am running my hr consultancy firm in mumbai now. i want to registered it as pvt ltd. Can you pls tell me the charges and the process for the same?

  42. Hi Maam,

    For how long can i keep a company name booked with ROC and then form a company…

    How much would you charge for getting the entire process done from start to end..


    • As per Section 4(5) of Companies Act 2013, upon receipt of an application under Section (4)(4), the Registrar may, on the basis of information and documents furnished along with the application, reserve the name for a period of sixty days from the date of the application. Earlier as per old Companies Act 1956, the name was reserved for period of 60 days from the date of approval, but now it is reserved for 60 days from the date of application. please call me to know more details.

  43. mam i want open a new consultancy for overseas study so i want to know which registration is requires for that

    • If you wish to open new consultancy and you are interested to form with one person only, then you have very good option of registration of One Person Company under new Companies Act 2013. For details please call me.

  44. dear mam
    1. i like to open a security services india pvt ltd.
    2. i am already open a partner ship firm Jai Jawan Management Service is firm at Uttarakhand.
    3. i like the same name just…. Jai Jawan Security & Management Sevices India Pvt Ltd.
    can this possible or any name for manpower work.please tel me.

    • You can retain the name of proprietorship firm to new private limited company by providing no objection letter, previous income tax return copies, to the Registrar of Companies within the jurisdiction of which you are registering the company.

  45. Madam, Is it possible to register .in, net and .com in company names? for example Pvt Ltd or Pvt Ltd.,

    Kindly reply me.

    Thanking you Madam,

  46. respected sir/mam,

    i just want to start a small scale bussiness related to IT for training and development purpose could you suggest me that this company name is already existed pls give me suggestion for this i want company name as vision technologies what i have to do reply me

    with regards

  47. Hi Meenal,

    Thanks for the blog.

    I am planning to open a stores its a just a mini supermarket. But, I want build a brand in future. I have decided to register a name and start business.

    My question is do i really need to register to start my business and own the trademark or the name. I cannot spend more money on it. can you pls let me know whts the easiest way to do this.

  48. Dear Ma’am,

    can you please suggest if pronunciation of a word is matching with the already existing name then Can we apply for the name having same pronunciation.

    Like ” Advizors” and “Advisors”

  49. Madam,

    The links and the Info. available in your blog is really enlightening for a new enterprenuer like me. Thank you so much. God Bless you.


  50. We have applied for trade mark registration in 2011,trade mark application was accepted to use TM,but we have still not got registration certificate,as it still mentions objected / pending in the Govt website..can you please confirm the reason….or do we still need to wait for some more time for approval…

  51. Dear Maam,

    I wanted to start a jewellery shop in Pune with the name of “UNIQUE”.
    However there is a similar jewellery business in UK with the name of “UNIQUE Jewelry Ltd”
    Can i still use this name?
    Devanshu Kumar

  52. Hello Madam,
    I am trying to incorporate pvt company name on Samarth Foods Pvt ltd but one company is there is Samarth Foods and Agro Products Pvt Ltd so that name is same or not when i am search on portal for Samarth Foods Pvt Ltd getting No Match Found so help me how should do now..


  53. How can I check whether Person Have optain DIN number or not ?

  54. Hi,

    Can you tell me approx. how much money is required to register a pvt ltd company with IEC and everything. just the approx value that might be used to get it done from scratch.

    • The cost of registering a Private Limited Company would depend on different factors like Capital Contribution, State in which you would like to register, number of Directors/Partners & couple of other things, hence I just can not specify you the approximate cost.

  55. I want to know procedure of convert pvt. ltd. co into LLp

    • Following would be procedure for conversion of Private limited into LLP:-
      a)A Private Company desires to convert into LLP form shall decide Designated Partners of the proposed LLP as only the members can be partners of LLP and of these at least two Partners would be Designated partners. At least one of them shall be Resident of India.
      b) The next step is to make application in e-form 1 with ROC LLP for reservation of desired name of LLP on payment of prescribed fees.
      c)To draft the LLP agreement with name of LLP, details of designated partners, form of contribution, details of profit sharing ratio, rights and duties of partners
      d) To file incorporation document and subscription statement (E-FORM 2)
      e) To file e-form 18.
      f) To obtain certificate of incorporation in Form 19.
      g) To intimate about conversion to ROC where Private Company was registered within 15 form date of conversion by making an application by filing e-form 14.

  56. I want to know procedure of convertion of PVT LTD co. in LLP

    • Following would be procedure for conversion of Private limited into LLP:-
      a)A Private Company desires to convert into LLP form shall decide Designated Partners of the proposed LLP as only the members can be partners of LLP and of these at least two Partners would be Designated partners. At least one of them shall be Resident of India.
      b) The next step is to make application in e-form 1 with ROC LLP for reservation of desired name of LLP on payment of prescribed fees.
      c)To draft the LLP agreement with name of LLP, details of designated partners, form of contribution, details of profit sharing ratio, rights and duties of partners
      d) To file incorporation document and subscription statement (E-FORM 2)
      e) To file e-form 18.
      f) To obtain certificate of incorporation in Form 19.
      g) To intimate about conversion to ROC where Private Company was registered within 15 form date of conversion by making an application by filing e-form 14.

  57. Hi,
    I have filed form 1A under STP and got the desired name approval the very next day. However subsequently on filing of Form 1, 18 & 32 a remark appears as “Global is a trade mark registered under various classes as it appears. Please advice whether you have made all checks in class _____. In this regard file form 67”. Now my question is what remedy is there to change the name so that it does not matches with trademark. Can it be done through form 67? Please advice.

    • After name approval for ROC, you will have to go for registration based upon approved name during the process of registration of Private Limited company. If form 1A was certified by professional, then it is assumed that he has taken online search of name availablity on and public search of trade mark. if the professional is very confident about that the company’s name is available and then certify form 1A, it will be his responsibility. Now the company has to file form 67 and give explanation that the professional has taken search on MCA as well as trade mark site. I would advise you to please check this matter with the concerned ROC.

  58. Hello Maam,
    I want to register my company and I am checking whether a particular name is available for it on the website. But it does not give me any relevant message. Just an empty window opens saying undefined . I am not sure what it means. Can you help.

  59. I just want to start a new proprietorship firm and I want to take IEC Code also should i open the bank account and apply pan no first please suggest

    Further I also want to convert this firm in Pvt. Ltd company in the same name

    Suppose further i could not get the same name in ROC is there any procedure to get the same name

    Please also tell me the procedure to make a PVT. LTD Company

  60. Nice post and nice details you have given.
    to the point content.
    thanks for writing

  61. Hi
    I read almost everything on this blog but i still don’t know How to make your company registered. like say if i want to open a bank account with my comanies name first it has to be registered and i want to know how to do this basic registration for your company. PLEASE HELP

    • First of all you will have to register company and then open bank account, apply for PAN, TAN of company, other registration like service tax/VAT/CST if applicable.

  62. nice blog madam,
    according to mca The total number of
    companies registered in the country as on 1st October, 2013, stood at
    13,45,788. how can i get the complete data of all registered companies (Active,strike off ect)
    1. Corporate Identification Number
    4.Registration Number
    5.Company Category
    6.Company Sub Category
    7.Class of Company
    8.Authorised Capital (in Rs.)
    9.Paid up capital (in Rs.)
    10.Number of Members(Applicable only in of company without
    Share Capital)
    12.Date of Incorporation
    13.Address 1
    14.Address 2
    19.Whether listed or not
    20.Date of Last AGM
    21.Date of Balance sheet
    22.Company Status (for eFiling)

    for this database we have to fill form or it is free.

  63. Dear madam i want to know that, kya koi company MCA me registration ke bina bhi public se investment karwa sakti hai?

  64. i want to change my company to private limited

  65. Dear Mam,
    I am a startup entrepreneur. I would like to start a company with a specific name which can be used later on to start other companies. For Eg. Tata Motors, Tata Teleservices etc., with the name of Tata coming in common. Please guide me in this.

    • Yes you can use the same Prefix to other proposed new companies by providing No Objection letter to new proposed company while its incorporation. For more details please call me.

    • Hi,

      What is period in which company should file it documents after getting Name search Availability .
      Is there any extension period if this period is missed.

      Thank You,

      • I think you would like to say after getting name approval. In case of Pvt. Ltd you have to file documents of incorporation within 60 days and in case of LLP, within 3 days from the date of receipt of name approval letter from ROC.

  66. Thank god for your blog, and easy links to search for a company. Great job

  67. hii madam, may i know how can i check my company name which i have in my mind.
    is there available or not how can i know?please reply me as soon as possible on my mail

  68. Good morning!! madam,
    I am SanjayRamesh Periketi, first of all I would like to say thanks for your advanced, upcomming thoughts & giving servicing through online.
    Mam, I have 3 Ideas with these ideas I want to start 3 companies with different names with some time different and at the same time I would like give one name for these 3 companies i.e for example XXSONS GROUP OF COMPANIES. Is there any chance to this.
    One more thing is, I would like to get many more suggestions from you (company secretary). I am ready to pay fee for those suggestions.
    If you are interested to give suggestions I will share my Ideas & doubts
    Plz excuse me, actually I am a Telugu meadium student. If there is any wrong.
    SanjayRamesh Periketi

  69. Madam, can you help me in register a company name only. I want to save the name of the company first and later I would like to start the business.

  70. Hi Madam,
    Already i am Director of Existing Private Limited Company. is it Possible to Process one more private limited company with same DIN. If Yes ! please Guiede me the Procedure.

    • Being director of existing company, you can become director of other company. You can use your DIN for incorporation of other Pvt. Ltd by informing the details of existing company.

  71. a person cheating people with many fake company names listings on various online business directories (ie indiamart , yellow pages etc. ) want to know details about a company is registered with government or not…. base in aurangabad , maharashtra. where i can get information.?

  72. Hello Ms. Meenal,

    I am in Delhi and looking to register a Travel Agency. Is there any particular rule to use or not use word ‘India’ in company name?

  73. Dear Madam

    I have 2 douts
    1) We are planning to register private limited company, but the name which we selected it is there in MCA site.
    still some of the same names i can able to see. the company name is
    tcare systems pvt ltd. is it possible to register with this name.
    2) the capital amount 1,00,000 Rs
    is mandatory

    • For registration of private limited company, the minimum authorised capital should be Rs. 1 lakh. Regarding the first question I request you to please call me.

  74. i am trying to search the name and type he in box bt it again come with blank box .if i am doing smthint wrong plz help me .

    • i assume you are checking the availability of proposed names on MCA Portal. if you are getting message like” No records found” it means the proposed name is available for registration. if it is coming back to blank box then it may the technical issue of MCA Site.

  75. thanks for this’s really helpful.

  76. Hi Meenal, Can I keep a company name (Pvt. Ltd.) whose first name matches with some companies in other countries? Even if allowed by MCA, what problems may arise due to this? Thanks.

    • If the company name (first name) matches with some companies in other countries, it would be advisable to check the trade mark of the existing name.
      MCA 21 portal is applicable for those companies which are registered in India.

  77. Hi, I wish to start a new private limited firm.
    Can I keep my company’s name as

    Bearingwala (India) Pvt. Ltd.

  78. The exisiting name of company is to be changed pls explain the procedure.

  79. I tried to check a name availability .But it no result is coming .It again and again showing tha same empty I doing something wrong

    • The MCA website may be sluggish/slow & hence you might see such bahaviour. Please try it after some time.
      If you try it and get message saying no records found it means that the proposed name is available for application.

  80. You can ask for the CIN (Company Incorporation Number) of the Company & search/check that number on MCA Website. If that is not found, then you can assume it’s not registered with the RoC (Registrar of Companies).

  81. I seeking loan from private financier in Up . in his letter head written as Pvt Ltd Co, but if we search in name availability not appearing how can we find him as a genuine case

    • If the name of company is not found while checking name availability, please check through existing company details available on MCA portal.

  82. HI, whenever I try to put in a name and try to search it, Itt brings me to the same same once again and I get a popup that “No Matches Found”. What does this mean? does it mean the name is available? or m i doing something wrong???

    • After trying for name search if a message “No matches found” appears (assuming you are searching with the correct name, which you intend to apply for) , then it indicates the proposed name is available & can be applied for.

  83. HI, whenever I try to put in a name and try to search it, Itt brings me to the same same once again and I get a popup that “No Matches Found”. What does this mean? does it mean the name is available? or m i doing something wrong?

    • If you are receiving message like “no matches found” it means name is available for registration of company.

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