How to verify if a Company is Registered with RoC / MCA / Government?

Recently one of my clients wanted to know if a particular Company is genuine i.e. registered with MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) since he heard they were involved in some kind of fraud/scam related to Network/Chain marketing &  wanted to know the details of the Directors of that Company as well.

Since there is a way to validate all this through MCA’s Website itself, that too without any charges, i thought of posting this for anyone’s knowledge.

Following different links can be used to know couple of details about any Company. You just need to enter the desired Company Name in the Search box  in order to know it’s details.

Check if the Company Name really exists

Click on the following image to see the example.

 Check Company Name

Check Company Master Data –

Click on the following image to see the example.

Company Master Data example

View Index of Charges – This displays the details about any Secured Loan taken from any Bank by the Company.

Click on the following image to see the example.

View Index Of charges

View Signatory details – This displays the details of the Signatory/ Directors like Name, Residential Address etc.

Click on the following image to see the example.


View Signatory Details

If any Company claims to be registered with MCA/Registrar of Companies (RoC), you may ask them for the CIN (Company Incorporation Number) which is allotted by RoC (each registered Company has a unique CIN allotted). If you could not find the Company Name either using name or CIN provided, you can be sure that it’s not Registered with Registrar of Companies/Government of India.

Note: Only LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), Private Limited Company & Public Limited Company Status can be obtained using MCA Website. Status of entities registered as Sole Proprietorship (having Shop Act Registration) or Partnership Firm can not be obtained through MCA Website.

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286 thoughts on “How to verify if a Company is Registered with RoC / MCA / Government?

  1. Hello mam,I want to know ” 5th Ace Technologies ” a software company in bhubaneswar,odisha is resistered or not.

    Actually I know the way you are showing to check in site,I also checked there I don’t found it.
    But I found the company in glassdoor and in google as software company.

    Please mam tell me It is registered or not.And if possible tell something about that mention some companies.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Madam,
    Recently i was registered a TechSuda online service Pvt. Ltd company.Incorporation is doubt is i am starting a online water and online e commerce business under this company. Online water business name is Super water (Mobile application) and online e commerce is ( so do i need to register this two business names againg with MOA ? can i start this two business under TechSuda Online services pvt Ltd ?

  3. Mam,

    I want to register a ‘private limited company’ with the name ‘A and B Intellectual Property Services Limited’. However, I understood that the phrase ‘Intellectual Property’ will not be allowed since none of the directors are having legal background. My question – is it correct? if how is there any way out? please help

  4. /Hello Maam

    I had applied a LLP for incorporation around one month back in Uttarakhand RoC but, Certificate of Incorporation still not issued by them even though the name approval was sent on 18th Jan-16

    Pl let me know:
    1. how do we check the current status of LLP registration
    2. Is this period is usual time taken
    3. Is there no hurry at RoC end now days even govt. is promoting startup

    • After name approval the LLP shall require to be registered within 3 months. If incorporation is not yet done, please raise the ticket with SRN on MCA portal under LLP, the solution will be resolved.

  5. I want to make a donation. how to find the authenticity of a NGO/Section 25 company ? does not cover them

  6. Madam, very well explained all the details

  7. Mam we have applied for online ROC Registration. How can get my Certificate of Regstn? Plz advise.

  8. Hi mam,
    A company have 5 branches like pune,delhi…then it need to be registered 5 times or once.
    Please explain me about this.ASAP

    • If the company is establishing branches keeping one registered address of the company, then separate registration of private ltd is not required. The registration of company shall be required within the jurisdiction of the city/ town where the registered office of the company is to be registered.

  9. madam
    Is blue world technology genuine company or not?
    What is meant by ISO certificate?
    ISO certified company genuine or not?
    Is mandatory registered to registered with MCA website for every company?
    Blue world technology send me image of a ISO certificate bearing license No.JAS/1114L/692

    please help me

  10. I am recently hired by a company which is not registered with mca/roc neither a pvt. lts company. how to check that its legal or not. pls revert asap.

  11. How do I get coporate information and good standing certificate?

  12. hi sir/madam

    I am Prasad. If the company is not registered in site. working in that company creates any problem or no problem.

  13. I want to start an OPC, is this mandatory to have 1 lakh Rs. for registering an OPC.

  14. I had purchased debentures of a company. they have not informed anything even after maturity period. their office does not exist on the given address.
    The company is registered with pune ROC, and the office as well as the directors are not traceable on the given address.
    The same directors appear on a new company, also registered with ROC pune, but they are not traceable on the new addresses also.
    There are no contact cell numbers on ROC.
    Therefore, are the addresses and contact numbers verified by ROC? The new company is formed in 2014 , even then such situation exists.
    So, what is the use of the information on MOC if fraudulent people can give any address?

  15. Very Clear explanation.Keep it up

  16. Hi,
    I have a company in UK n want to set up a foreign subsidiary company in Goa. Pls let me know how to go abt n whether d regular pvt company registration is d correct route to follow. Thx

  17. Give all details about network marketing company formation

    • Regarding formation of network marketing company, you need to apply for DSC of two directors, DIN of two directors, name application with Registrar of companies within the jurisdiction of which company is situated, MOA AOA, affidavits, e-forms such as INC-1, INC-7, DIR-12, INC-22, this is the procedure to be followed if you want to form private or public limited. For more details please refer my blog for an article- step by step procedure of formation of private limited in India. For further details you may call me.

  18. I found the information very useful. How do we know who is authorized to sign and bind the company to a contract?

  19. what do i do if “the company is in default in filling of form DIN3/ from DIR12-” this is shown in 4th check. plz rpl

  20. Hello Mam,
    I take Homemade Chocolates orders,wedding Packing order..!I want to give a name to my Business as “CHOCOLATE BAZAAR”.
    I want to know wether is name exist or not ,so that i can make my Business cards.and later on i can go for registration.
    Thank u for yr valuable time and efforts.


  21. well organized and presented…thank you 🙂

  22. how to find if a firm is registered or not like the way we find company is registered or not ?

  23. Thanks, helpful website.

  24. Thanks for the blog. It’s very helpful for people like me. Thanks

  25. How can i find about the details of “*Name moderated*” JAIPUR….it is a job consultant…if it is a genuine or not ….pls help me to with your valuable reply at the earliest

  26. Hi,

    I would like to do work from home jobs through online.
    Can you suggest me which one is better this time.


    • Either you can opt for registration of proprietorship firm or One Person company Pvt. ltd. it will depend upon the amount of investment. Because for Pvt. ltd the minimum capital required is Rs. 1 lakh and for firm, there is no restriction.

  27. Thank you very much for this nice post. Please tell how can check if a firm is registered or not

  28. I am recently hired by a company which is not registered in mca/roc neither havind ltd or pvt ptd at its end.How to check that the firm is leagle or not.Please revert asap.

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