MCA21 – Updated Phone Numbers of DIN Cell Help Desk / MCA21 Service Related Complaints

MCA21 – Service Related Complaints, Updated Phone Numbers of DIN Cell Help Desk / Email of Corporate Seva Kendra

***** Updated as on May 21’st 2016 *****

Click here to raise a MCA21 Service Related Complaint

Click here to Track the MCA21 Service related Complaint Status

MCA21 Helpdesk Contact Numbers : 0124-4832500 or 011-23073017

DIN Cell Helpdesk  : 9259720983 (3 lines)

* For any query relating to Company’s Registration, e-Filing, View Public Document (VPD), please contact Corporate Seva Kendra.


This is in addition to the facility of “User Complaints and Grievances” available at MCA21 page of MCA Website and the “ROC’s Facilitation Center/ Help Desk”.

List of RoC Offices

List of Regional Directors (RD) Offices

Official Liquidators

Investor Grievance Management Cell (Nodal Officers)


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36 thoughts on “MCA21 – Updated Phone Numbers of DIN Cell Help Desk / MCA21 Service Related Complaints

  1. Hi i fill the dir-3 form but person pan card name is only r is showing her father name is full name rambhadur singh pancard data base correct name is showing so what i do.plz help me.

  2. I had my DIN number, but i didn;t find the envelope where it is. IS there any way to regenrate or find out my existing DIN number?

    • You can check your DIN details on MCA site by checking payment status . Please specify Service request number and then you will get Payment challan, you will find DIN on payment challan. If you don’t have SRN , then please contact help desk of DIN cell.

  3. In AOC-4 by mistake the AMG date is mentioned as 30/08/2016 instead of 30/09/2016, now that form is approved by MCA, while filing form MGT-7 , the AGM date is not getting accepted what is the procedure for retification for the same.

    • AOC-4 form is approved through Straight Through process ( STP). Filing of revised AOC-4 is not possible. The date of AGM should be same on MGT-7 and AOC-4 otherwise the system indicates the correction. You can raise the ticket with MCA. But I don’t think you can file revised AOC-4. You can try.

  4. Hi Meenal,

    Thank you for your blog, it is very useful for practitioners.

    Can you please let me know if Form MBP – 1 (for interest of directors), is required to be filed with the RoC?

    Thanks in advance,

  5. Hi I want to file Annual filing form for FY 2013-14 so which form are required to file for compliance bcoz only Form AOC 4 and form MGT 7 have on the MCA 21 site

  6. hi meenal,
    i have query please if you could provide some information on it.
    Could you please tell me the documents required for procuring DIN for a NRI. Is PAN necessary for them to apply DIN.

  7. Unable to log into the mca web site after formating my computer. I have IE8, JRE 8 Update 45 and Adobe 11.0.8.

    After typing in the user name, selecting as business user and clicking in “submit” button, the page does not go ahead. Instead an error button comes up at left side bottom.

    On checking with MCA help desk they asked me to use JRE 8 Update 45 and I did so too. Can you help me whether I need to do something more

  8. i have no genrate my din no plz tell me about the din no .

  9. I Gottipati Venkateswarlu, S/o Subbaramaiah, R/P H.No.8-217(25) Rajiv Nagar, Lawyerpeta Extn. Ongole-523002, applied for 25th of March 2011, and DIN has alloted by the Ministry in the month of April 11, but I missed the number heard and soft copies. Hence I request you to kindly guide me to obtain DIN from the ministry.

  10. While submitting form 1 for change of LLP name they are showingthe eerror that pre scrutiny feild is missing what shall I do?


  12. We got error while uploading INC-2 form while OPC registration. Name is already approved. Kindly help with solution.

    Error is : Some prescrutiny have failed.

    • please check what is the pre -scrutiny and do according to it. If it is related to form, please download fresh form and then submit it.

      • Company Name (INC-1 ) allotted to us is valid till 16-10-2015. Our first attempt to file MOA was rejected. We got error while filing INC-2 with error”Some prescrutiny have failed”. When we filed ticket MCA website, they said, we have to wait till expiration of INC-1 and file a fresh INC-1 & then INC-2. But our INC-1 is valid till 16-10-2015. Please give your advice, why should we wait & file new INC-1 ?

        • Now a days Registrar of Companies allows only one chance to resubmit the form. As you said that your first attempt to file MOA was rejected, the ROC won’t allow second chance to resusbmit. Therefore ROC has replied this message.

  13. QUERY


  14. hello madam

    I am having my llp in nashik, I want to change my llps email id register with mca( roc Mumbai). as I am not getting mail on my email id due to issue of microsoft(hotmail & with what is procedure to change email id. what form is needed for same.

    please help me. Thanks & regards

  15. HI,
    i am applied for DIN from MCA site,
    i got two DIN numbers by system error,
    what is the process to suurender one DIN

    Give me the MAIL ID’s of DIN CELL
    please help me,

    Thanks in Advance

    • Here is number mentioned on MCA 21 portal.
      For any query relating to DIN Cell,please contact
      DIN Cell : 05836231130/05836231140.

  16. This is a venture on your part to provide information in a form which can be easily understood.

    Would like to know the following in respect of LLP formation:
    1. Can Stamp duty payable for LLP deed be paid online as in case of company?
    2. Do we need to file Form 3 and Form 4 along with form 2 while incorporating a LLP?

    Would greatly appreciate your response to the above queries.

    Thanking You.
    CA Minal Pawar

    • 1. Stamp duty cannot be paid online for LLP deed. You will have to buy stamp paper.
      2. After approval of form 2, The Registrar of Companies, will issue incorporation certificate.
      As per Chapter V of LLP Rules 21 (1), for incorporation of LLP, e-form 3 should be filed within 30 days of date of incorporation. While incorporation e-form 4 is not required to be filed. The incorporation process will end after filing e-form 3.

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