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  1. Hi Madam,

    we had a partnership firm and my partner wants to quit my question is can i change partner and company name with same TIN no and PAN no of our existing Firm.

  2. Very Nice Article

  3. Dear respected Maam,
    Greetings. I am having a Trust. But I am interested to form another non profit company under the Company Act 1959. Would u plz guide me. and I wish your cell No so i could talk with you detail

    • If you wish to form Section 8 company under Companies Act 2013, then you need to follow below procedure

      1. Making DIN 1 application for 2 Indian Directors (Rs.500 for each DIN application)
      2. Digital Signature Certificate Class II-two years (USB token) for two directors
      3. Filing Form INC-1 (Name application of the company & Approval)
      4. Filing Form RD-1 (Issue of licence under Section 8 –New association)
      5. Filing Form INC-7, INC-22 and DIR-12
      6. Memorandum and articles of association
      7. Stamp duty to be paid on memorandum and articles

      You can incorporate company either with share capital or without share capital. Accordingly the registration fees would change. As per New Companies Act 2013, an advertisement to be given in newspaper and then Form RD-1 to be filed to Registrar.

  4. Hi,
    I want to start a Dry Fruit Wholesale shop (Or better say a Packaged Dry Fruit Supplier Company).
    Should I have to go through the process of Company Name Registration,then registering for PAN and TAN. Kindly suggest. Currently I do not have proper place but a small space is available for it.
    Also we are two people who are willing to start this. Kindly let me know the fee and other details.
    Thanks & Regards

  5. Hello Madam,

    we want to change our company name, can you please guide me with the procedure and the cost for the same.


  6. Great web site…very informative
    Ma’m I am an indian classical dancer and actor and wish to start my own company. however to avail of funding under the csr programs of corporates, wherein the company funding me would get tax benefits etc,Please guide if i should compulsorilt register as a trust .Can a foundation suffice. Or is it ok to be just a company for eg XYZ DANCE THEATRE TRUST or XYZ Dance theatre Foundation or XYZ DAnce Theatre Company.
    Your advice will be appreciated.Thank you

  7. My Frient is having his own Shop act Laicense registered with his PAN & TAN no.

    Now he wants to give partnership in same shop. what is procedure to change his old ownership & register the same on the name of both of us.

    Please guide..

  8. hello mam,

    thanks for valuable information. i have a query. i want to register a Pvt Ltd company in delhi. actually i am running a job consultancy and want to work in software development also. so my question is-
    1). can i work for both (placement & sw development) with one registered company
    2). for online company registration will i need any CA.
    3). can i change my company address in future & if yes then how many times.
    4). could you please send me step of online company registration.

    thanks & regards,
    satish agrawal

    • Yes you can work for both placement and sw development with on registered company. yes you will need CA. Yes you can change company address in future. Please call me if you need advise and help for registration.

  9. Hi Madam,

    I have registered IT company in South africa.
    I wanted to form a company in india in the same name but i have checked the name is already in use. is there any way to get the same name or little change in the name is possible to get please advise.

    Thanks & Kind Regards,

    • If the parent company is registered in South Africa and you want to retain the same name, you can apply with that same name provided the activity of your company shall be different from the existing company name. Then it is possible. You will then provide certificate of registration of parent company, board resolution for use of same name and no objection letter to the Registrar of Companies.

  10. hello mam, me and my partner have planned to open a DANCE COMPANY and i want information on how to register its name and the related info about the fees and the procedure?

    waiting for ur reply eagerly :)

  11. Dear Meenal,

    I would like to appreciate you for this informative article . I also have a query, hope you have a solution for mine too.

    I am 3D Visualiser and I would like to start my own Interior designing business( a small firm) in Bangalore but I am not a certified interior designer. I would like to know if I am eligible to establish an Interior designing firm without Interior designer certification.

  12. Dear Mam,

    1. I would like to start a company with issuing shares to the public. what are the procedures.

    2. To transfer a company ownership,name and change buissiness to another sector or starting a new one is better.

    • please read CHAPTER III-PROSPECTUS AND ALLOTMENT OF SECURITIES-PART I.—Public offer,PART II.—Private placement of Companies Act, 2013.
      Now as per New Companies Act 2013, the private limited also issue rights shares or bonus shares to public, please follow Chapter II.

  13. Thanks for beautiful informative blog!

    I have query.

    I am a private service employee as of now but wishes to start my own business.

    I am looking different possibilities and options but as of now I am not sure about the type of work I am going to do.

    Can I open a company as of now and start by operations later? As well as decide later by type of work?

    Is there any way I can register some generic company as of now?

  14. Hello Ma’am,

    thanks for the great information,

    my question is, can single company have 2 nature of business? For example, if i want to setup a pvt. company can i run it as IT and BPO together? I would be thankful if i can get the procedure of doing same or is this same as normal company formation?

    thank you.

    • It would more depend upon whether the company will carry on IT related services and BPO will be ancillary objects. Then you can set up company under one Pvt. Ltd. But if the major business will be BPO, then you may need to set different company for BPO and IT.

  15. Hi Meenal

    First of all, this is a great blog very informative. Keep up the good work.

    I have a query for you. I am the owner of a house in Bangalore which is on rent for the past 5 months. Can i register a Private Limited Company on the same address? If yes, will there be any legal issues in the future?

    Awaiting your response. Thanks.

  16. My company is based in Pune, we are planing to provide services in Goa. We wont be having any address in Goa. What Registrations, will I have to do to start the services in Goa?

  17. Whether foreign nationals can form a fully owned private company in India (not an OPC) without being a director in the said company?

    If it is possible then who shall apply for DIN and who shall apply for DSC because promoter (proposed share holder) shall apply for the name and sign in FORM INC 1?
    please help

    • yes Foreign national can form a fully owned private limited company without being a director. As per Chapter IX and Section 149 of Companies Act 2013 every company shall have at least one director who has stayed in India for a total period of not less than one hundred and eighty-two days in the previous calendar year. This compliance is to be fulfilled every year. Therefore you may need one director who is resident of India.

  18. Dear Meenal,

    Thank you for such a great informative blog, I also gone through comments on your blog and they helped me a lot to clear many doubts in my mind.

    Apart from that I have still few questions which I am not able to find answers. Can you please help into that?

    I am software engineer. I wanted to start my own company in india. But I am not able to understand

    Type of Company:
    a. Section 8 company
    b. Part I company (Chapter XXI)
    c. Producer Company
    d. New Company(others)

    How should I open a foreign company here in india?

    • Please refer Section 2 of new Companies Act 2013 and you will get the definitions of all concept such as Section 8 company, Part I, producer company, foreign company. if you need more clarity please call me, I will guide you to select the suitable option.

  19. Hello Madam !

    I have been planning to start a new LLP, My services would be :
    1) Website Development.
    2) Software Development.
    3) and Software Training.

    Should I have TAN and TIN no. for this ?

  20. Hi,
    i am in process of registering a new company, hence i would like to know the difference in govt beneficiaries in registering with a man or women. Is there any special beneficiaries if registered in by a women.

  21. ASWDear Madam,
    I am NRI. I want to start a business in Bangalore. Please email the details.

  22. Dear Madam.

    This is Mr. Sun from South Korea.
    I would like to ask following questions for the company formation.

    As a foreign construction company, we would like to execute construction project for around 1year in India.

    For the project, we will supply some equipments from korea and implement the construction work with local sub-contractor.

    In this case, it there any establishment of the company under law of india.
    Based on my knowledge, some country has a PO(PROJECT OFFICE) which only allow the company to execute this project.
    With this PO, the PO should be closed after completion of the contracted works.

    Please explain whether this kind of company is existed in India under law or not.

    Or Please inform me of what kind of company formation we have to register.

    Awaiting for your kind response.

  23. Hi.. Thanks for providing valuable information.

    I belong to AP and planning register company in Karnataka. Will the state government incentives will play key role for start up enterpreneurs like me when forming company.I would like to know the pros and cons if any.


  24. Thanks for such an informative blog, this made many of my doubts clear. One doubt is still there:
    Mam I’m going to start a broadband business and for that I will be required to register a pvt ltd company. Can I raise bank loan of 8 lakh for equipment and devices when my authorised capital is still 1 Lakh. If its even allowed what are the consequences of that.

    Thanks a Ton





    • Thanks for your comment.
      Please refer my blog to know step by step procedure / formation procedure to register Private Limited company. For OPC i.e. Once Person Company, one DIN and DSC of director is required because one director and member can form OPC. you need to file form INC-1 and 2 with ROC.

  26. Hi Madam,

    Can a employee of a pvt limited company become a director/start a new private limited company. Should he be resigned first from the parent company and then start a new pvt limited company.Could you please clarify.


  27. Hi Meenal,

    If we register LLP, can we do business with Pvt.Ltd and Public.Ltd across India and abroad.

    Thanks you

  28. Hi, First of all thank you for providing so many valuable information.
    I have a question regarding office for online business operations. I’ve registered my firm (sole proprietor) in Uttarakhand but I want to operate from Delhi as most of the manufacturing is done in Delhi. The product are sold at online marketplaces like amazon, flipkart only and in near future I’ll start my own e-commerce website. So do I need to register my firm office in Delhi also?? And I do not have a actual office in Delhi, I operate from a residential apartment. All the products are sold online only.. Please provide some information on this.
    Thank You

  29. Dear All,
    I would like start a Fire & Safety equipment services. what will the business starting process & which document are required.

  30. hi, i need to know every small detail on how to start up an advertising company in bangalore. starting from the registration, licensing.. etc. ty :)

  31. Hi Meenal..thanks for the valuable information.
    I wanted to ask that is there a time limit in the new Companies Act, within which you have to open a bank account after company registration with a deposit equal to share value ?

    • The New Companies Act has not specified any limit to open bank account, but as per Section 56(4) of the new Companies Act 2013 every company shall deliver the certificates of all securities allotted, transferred or transmitted within a period of two months from the date of incorporation in case of subscribers to the memorandum.

  32. HI MADAM

  33. I have registered a private limited company but I had not paid the incorporation fees (based on authorised capital of company)
    since the form INC-7 dosn’t contain the fees for incorporation.
    Please guide me how to pay such fees.

  34. Hi Mam,

    Firstly Nice Bolg.
    Secondly i cam e across it while in am in a situation i needed certain help from advisor like you. I bought a company from others and the Company Directors were not the same people who were managing it. now i got to know these things as i was not aware of them earlier, now i wanted to get the ownership transffered to me from their name what can i do in this case. I have the Documents with me which talk about they selling every part and parcel of the company to me .. These docs are signed by the people who were managing them .. can i calim the company on my name with these documents.

    • For transfer of ownership, you can ask previous shareholders to transfer the shares to new members. One the share capital will be transferred to new members, the ownership will automatically be with new members. Please download share transfer form from mca.gov.in or refer Companies Act 2013.

  35. Hi Mam,

    I have a service oriented Pvt Ltd company which I have not audited or filed any return from last two years. My query is can I continue like this for coming 2/3 years as well as my company haven’t seen any profit or income as of now. Also please suggest will it be a good option to close the company as of now (please suggest the approx cost for closing a 1 lac rs pvt ltd company) and run it as a sole proprietorship.

    Please help!

  36. I have a company which I did not audited or filed any return for last two years. Now my question is can I continue like this for say upto 4 years as my company has no profit no such income. Also suggest me, will it be suitable for me to now close this company( please prove the approx cost for closing it) and run the business as sole proprietorship as of now.
    Please help!!!

    • Once the company is incorporated under Companies Act 2013, it need to comply the provisions of company law. In case of default, the annual forms shall be filed with additional fees. Eventhough the company has no income or profit, the company still remain as active, by filing all annual forms with the Registrar.


    • If you are planning to start the company, then either you can register One Person Company i.e. OPC (require one person as member)/ private Limited ( require two members) under the Companies Act 2013 or have proprietorship firm registered under the Bombay Shop and Establishment Act. Since i am not aware in which city you wish to register the company, you can register OPC or Private Limited company

  38. I started a private limited company with a relative as partner an year back. with shareholding pattern 51-49 with me having 49% shares. We both have also acted as directors of the company since.

    The relations with my business partner are sour but since I have put in a lot of effort to get the company up and running. I would not like to lose out on profits now.

    I would like to move on to other business making my wife a director on my behalf. She started working for the company a couple of months back.

    Further we both have been drawing salaries from the company for our respective work.

    My queries are:-
    1) Will there be any liabilities on me as shareholder of the company?

    2) Can my wife become a director? She had co-signed some loan documents for her own last private limited company which are now in recovery due to business failure.

    3) Will her older company issues affect my current company in any way due to her being made director in my company?

    4) lastly, can us drawing two salaries come under any illegality under taxation. We are both qualified people working for the company. I will be taking a consultation fee and she will be drawing a proper salary?

    Please can you help me?

  39. Dear Madam,
    I am planning to start a Tea/Coffee shop in pune and will employ 2-3 persons initially. This is a proprietorship firm. Before selling the Tea/Coffee what are all the things I need to do? Can you please explain this.

  40. madam, me and my brother going to start a taxi\cab service in delhi like meeru cab, quick cab, easy cab but on very small scale could you guide the procedure please and any other legal information.

  41. your blog is very helpfull. Got loads of info in forming a start up.

    Still I have some questions!!

    I’m all set to open a venture renewable energy sector. I have an investor and want to involve my friend as a partner. Our organisation will provide consultancy services as well as system integration (EPC) services.

    Now please guide me about the minimum cost to start an LLP in india?

    Also please let me know your professional charges for the consulting services in company formation.

    • Thanks for your comment. To start LLP in India, you need to have minimum two partners and there is no restrictions to have minimum amount of capital. But it should not be less than zero. Please call me to discuss.

  42. Hi madam,

    I am swaroop and i am from hyderabad. I like to open an educational society which approaches schools and conduct Quiz’s and grand tests on General knowledge, maths, science and also on cultural events and also provide certificates, prizes for the students. I wanted it to go as a non-profit organisation but i have no idea of how to start and where to start. Kindly give me suggestion which will be help ful for me.



  43. Very very helpful. I convey my thanks to you creating this blog.

  44. Hi Meenal,

    Very helpful and Informative. Even a layman can easily understand the things to be followed. Thank you for such informative blog.

  45. Hello Madam, i really appreciate your initiative to interact with the professionals, and i thank you for the same. i would like to know from you that where do i get Form INC-8,9 & 10, which are Compulsory attachments to e-form INC-7….i am unable to get it on MCA website.
    please help and advise me over the same..

  46. Thanks! Your blog is really useful.

  47. An Indian Subsidiary has been incorporated on 1st November, 2013, thereafter till date Subscription amount haven’t been received.
    What is the time limit for receiving Subscription money???

    • The Companies Act has not provided time limit for deposit of share application money. But as per the definition of Private and public limited company, the minimum paid up capital shall be Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 5 lakh, therefore it has to be brought before the end of 1st financial year. Otherwise it will be default. In your case if the Company was incorporated on 01.11.2013, the body corporate should has to remit subscription money on or before 31.03.2014.

  48. Dear Madam,
    your bolg is very useful
    I am verymuch thankful to you for this,

    Madam can you keep download link on your Blog, of forms releted to Fac. Act, / formats / list of lisioning releted to I/R & other usefull information in PDF File. It will be also very helpful to all.

  49. Thanks for the information. I have a query regarding the registered office address. The registered office is on my mother’s name who is not a director in the company. In case I wind up the company, will the house be safe?

  50. Mam , I have filed form 5 to increase the authorised share capital of a private limited company .In filing the form i have entered date of passing ordinary resolution 20-03-2013 instead of 20-03-2014 and due to this I have paid extra fees of around 10000 . Is refund possible in this case ????
    My all other details and attachments are correct ……

    • If Form 5 is not yet approved, then I would advise you to visit nearest Registered office of the company with explanation in writing. Also you can lodge a complaint on MCA 21. ROC will raise query if the date on Form 5 showing 20.03.2013 but the attachment shows 20.03.2014 and ask you to re submit the form. Regarding refund, once you raise query on MCA 21, you will get proper answer.

  51. Mam I have filed form 5 for a private limited company to increase the authorised share capital and due to mistake I have entered date of passing ordinary resolution 20-03-2013 instead of 20-03-2014 and for this i have paid extra payment in the form of interest
    my all attachments are correct
    is refund possible in this case ??
    What is the procedure to get refund?

    • There is no procedure of correcting the form 5. you can visit Registrar of companies and inform about the mistake and they will ask you to resubmit the form, bu I don’t think you will get refund amount.


    MAM, WE ARE SETTING UP PVT LTD COMPANY WITH TWO DIRECTORS (1 INDIAN AND 1 FROM UKRAIN) INITIAL CAPITAL 100000 (70000 FROM Ukrain partner and 30000 from indian ) madam as we are estimating our expenditures ..they are much ( like we have to pay 200000 p.m. as rent and other 100000 p.m. other exp. , initial furniture would cost to rs 200000 )
    so how all funding will be done by ukrain partner.. Is der any legal rule under any law. will any permission be required for this? how he will deposit take in money in company bank account from ukrain?

    • Whether the permission from Reserve Bank India will be required or not is depending upon the nature of business of an Indian company.
      The Ukrain shareholder will remit amount via wire transfer to company’s bank account.

      • Madam, Thanks for your reply , pls advise how we may find that what nature is required RBI approval or not..

        And our nature of business is consultation services in relation to move to Ukrain from India for study Purpose and vice versa

        • The nature of business is consultation services in relation to training and study, it will fall under automatic route and no prior approval of RBI shall be required if there is any foreign investment in the company. There are two routes available one is automatic and other is approval route. Please refer FDI policy to know the sector wise information.

  53. First of all thanks for your blog, it is really informative ..

    We have started a private limited company ( date of incorporation is on : 08/12/2010) having 3 directors and we filed the company documents from 08/12/2010 to 31/3/2012 four months before… and we could not file the documents of the financial year 01/04/2012 – 31/03/2013 till now ( auditing process is going on)…

    Mam, could you please tell me , is last day of filing the documents without penalty is over or not? If it is over when was the last date? and how much penalty we need to pay?

    One more thing, please advise when will file the current financial year (01/04/2013 to 31/03/2014) documents without penalty?

  54. Mam, I am very new and confused. what is first requirement to start a company. Can i do it by myself. first it require a rental agreement or DIN

  55. Mam i hav uploaded Form 1,18 and 32. Mca sent a notice asking for resubmission.The reason is ” Form 32 – Executive Directors selected, no reference in AOA.” what is the remedy for this?

  56. Madam,
    Thanks for your informative blog. I want to clarify:
    In public limited Company which is having less than 5 crores Capital, a Company Secretary is appointed.( Though it was not compulsory). Form 32 is also not filed. My Question is in what Capacity or authority, the appointed CS can sign documents or do any other Acts

    Or I should say his area of work.

    Thanks & Regds

  57. Madam,

    Two doubts.

    1) I like to start Pvt Ltd company with my brother. I am working abroad (Qatar) and brother doing business in Kerala. Do i need to get any consulate approval for any documents. We both have PAN Card.

    2) We plan to do fresh products trade like fruits and vegetables all items exempted from Tax. Do we need submit return and need to pay anything or need to keep any records of transaction and payments.

    • If you would like to be director of proposed company, you should apply for Director Identification number. For this you have to obtain attestation on identity proof and address proof, affidavit from an Indian Consulate, Foreign public notary since you are residing outside India.

  58. Thanks for the great blog Meenal. Encouraged me to think about starting my own venture. Will take your services if decide to setup my own business.

    If I start a company with my mother as another director, how much i have to pay annually if the company doesn’t do any work for some time, lets say, a couple of years.

    • Thanks for the comments. Even though the company is not active for some years, you will have to file annual return and balance sheet for the end of financial year with ROC. The amount of ROC fees would depend upon the amount of authorised capital.

  59. Dear Madem,

    how can i change my email address @ ROC??. i want to change email address given at the time of registration.

  60. I am an indian living in US from last 2 years. I want to start a tech startup (website). What kind of registration do I need in order to form a company (preferably online process so that I dont need to visit India for same)

    Note: I am currently a salaried person

  61. A pvt. ltd. company name was obtained metioning 4 proposed subscribers. 2 of them are Indian citizens living in India and the other two are Indian citizens living in 2 different continents and holding OCI.

    Ques: 1. Can i form the private co. with only the resident Indians as the subscribers and directors. Later on the other two can be appointed as directors since obtaining signed Memo Articles from all of them on the same page can be very time consuming.

    Ques 2: What RBI regulations and guidelines are there to issue shares to foreign Directors.

  62. As private LTD company can have minimum two directors. Do they have same powers or can we give one director more authorities than other?

    • yes normally the directors have same powers as specified in the Companies Act 1956. But the company can determine the powers of directors based upon work experience, time and efforts involved in daily operation in the business of the company.

  63. I am looking for buying an existing Trust. How to get information for the same?
    Can you help?

  64. 1) Procedure for getting Company Name change on MCA ?
    2) After change of name director of company want to add new director & they want to give their share to newly add director ?
    3) Pls send latest MOA/ AOA? Transfer deed Format as per new Co. Act 2013.

    I know little bit that first of all we have to Change company name by passing Reso an Fill Form -18 & then transfer share to newly director by Transfer deeed and Newly director will give cheque to Old Directors.

  65. Hello Madam,

    I’m Mahesh from Bangalore. Me along with my friends planning to start a business. We have decided to start a Cloth business i.e ready made Male/Female dresses. I would like to know the process to start. What all registrations are required for such a setup and what will be the cost for these registrations, how much time will it take for registrations.

    Also, I am working. Please let me know if I can register the shop in my name and start the business. Will there be any issue as I’m working and parellely starting a business, is it legal?


  66. Hi, just wanted to know whether someone who is the Managing Director of a private limited company… can he/she take up a job as well elsewhere?

    What about in the case of not for profit company 25?

    • Regarding private limited company, the Company law is not strict about the compliance as per appointment, remuneration of Managing Director is concerned. He can be appointed as employee in any other organisation.

  67. Hallo mam,
    i started formation of private limited Company .
    i got the DIN numbers and dsc.then my agent applied for company name he misspelled the words in name. and that misspelled name got approved.
    we did not started the rest of the process yet.is it possible that we apply for a new name and left the existing? or we have to submit the name change request?

    • Since the name is approved and the name was wrongly spelled while making name application with ROC, you will have to make fresh name application. You cannot change the name while the incorporation process. Either you can make fresh name application or change the name after incorporation of company.

  68. We r making local vodeo’s & audio album and want to register our small production company in himachal what is its procesdure.Kindly help

    • If you would like to register your own business with one person, you can register it as sole proprietorship firm. If it would involve investment from two people, then you have an option to form LLP or Private Limited company. To know more about LLP and Pvt. ltd I would request you to please visit my blog for step by step procedure of formation. If you have more questions please call me.

  69. As a OCI ( foreigner of indian origin) can I and my spouse together open a company and can I register agricultural land in my company’s name,
    Is Tea Estate considered as Agricultural land

  70. Whether OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) can become Director in Indian pvt ltd company? if yes, can we take DIN No. on Indian resident address? and further to above we can pay salary to OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) viz.-a-viz proposed director of Indian pvt ltd company?

  71. Dear madam,

    Please clarify. Shall we open pvt ltd company on below mentioned main objectives under one company name,

    1.agriculture development (which terms include s inter Alia land acqisation and development, irregation,crop cultivation, plantation,horticulture,forestry,animal husbandry and alied activities such as dairy,poultry,fishery,aqua culture and floriculture)

    2.industrial devlopment (which terms include inter alia,Argo-processing , mining and quaring utilites (including water ,power and renewable sources of energy), manufacturing ,(includes handicrafts, construction, trade and distribution , transport and services of all kinds)

    3.market linkage development (which terms include ,inter alia provison of inputs for and marketing of out put of agricultural and industrial development activities including facilities for storage ,trading and transport for such inputs and outputs)

    4.Habitat development (which terms include inter alia , purchase ,constuction up graduation ,extension and modification of buildings and infrastructure for residential ,agricultural, co Mercial or industrial purpose).

    I am eager to waiting your replay please do the needful,



  72. HI Meenal,

    We have registered a Company as Partership firm to sell various products under Home and Kitchen, Health and Nutrition, Kids products on various ecommerce sites like eBay, Snapdeal etc. We would like to operate from Home itself and dispatch the orders as soon as we get the orders online. Could you let us know as what all Registrations are required to move further.

    • Since your partnership firm is formed to sell various products, then first of all you will need Shop and Establishment Act Licence ( especially in Maharashtra), PAN CARD of partnership firm, bank account. VAT registration.

  73. Thanks for the helpful blog Madam,

    I have query please clarify, how to transfer shares in between directors in a private ltd Company?

  74. Hello and thanks for your helpful weblog.I’m Kathy from Iran.I want to register an engineering company in Pune as I was student there last three years.I want to com with tourist visa and apply directly from there.But I don’t know what documents they would ask me to offer them and what I need to translate to English language here.Thank you

  75. Hi,
    Its a really useful website. I appreciate your effort put towards answering our queries.
    I have one query about educational institute.
    Say, I want to open up an engineering college.
    Do I need to register it as a firm or Pvt ltd. or any company registration needed at all?

    Kindly provide some insight on this. Thanks in advance

  76. Excellent job done up to date position is highlighted

  77. Hi,
    Thanks for such a informative blog… Actually we, a group of 5-6 friends from IT industry, want to start our own company with our own design and developed software products. Initially we want to run it on partnership basis (start as a part time alongwith our job) and in the long term will go for pvt ltd.
    we have finalised our company and product name and also hv cross checked that there’s no such other company/ product exists. Could you please guide me for the same. I have already gone thru the MCA site and cm to know the steps like to register DIN nd so on…

  78. Dear Madam,

    Please give the detail process of change in Promoter at the time of incorporation of private limited company…


    • If there is any change in promoters at the time of incorporation of the private limited company, while filing e-form 1 (incorporation document) please submit No objection certificate from the existing promoters.

  79. Hi Meenal,

    First of all great blog, very helpfull.

    1)I want to know if there is a process to get registration details of a partnership firm? If yes, can you please mention the process.

    2) Is it mandatory to register the partnership firm?

    3) If the firm has TIN/VAT/CST no what details can be obtained from that number?

    Thanks in advance.

  80. respected mam,
    i want to start import and sell goods but i dont know what are the exect legal permission i must have to take from our great country,i have read from articles first i have to make a company,yeah i want as private ltd and thn apply for iec{import export certificate}.ok
    but is this neccesery to have a head office registered and can i operate this from home,coz this company will be small n the business too,second thing is that what are the rules to follow for price index

  81. Respected Mam,
    I am Doctor of Ayurveda i have completed MBA in marketing and HR Management,I want to start small business wich is related with dealing of Raw Herbal drug.I want to start my own i am ready for.Starting this business.I want to know details in forming firm or what ever.At this moment of life what should i do should i take proprietorship or should form company.Now i dont know the future of all but i want to make base by which i will be deal in correct way in herbal import export and herbal trade.So what will be better for me in coming yrs i also want to do diff things in under one compny name so what will be better for me.



  82. Dear Madam,
    I and my friend are planning to start a software development company and are in doubt to what to stat with as we will be working our from home and at moment wont pe possible to setup a office
    1. should we start with properitory firm and then as we go change to a company.
    2. what are the tax liability difference between a comapny and a propritory firm.
    3. in case of any problem what will be the liability on the owner of the firm.

    • 1. You can start proprietorship firm and then convert into Private limited company.
      2. The tax liability is different in both the cases. It is as per slab rates mentioned by the Income tax department in case of Proprietorship firm and in case of company it is 30%. The proprietor shall be liable for tax and in case of company, the company shall pay tax.
      3. In case of any problem, the owner will be sole responsible for the liability.

      • Hi thanks for your replay ,

        have followup questions with regards to the law and contract .
        where can i read the laws and rules reguarding the propritory firm,

        and i can implement different set of rules and laws for different types of projects.

        also how can we limit the liabiality on the company and the owner.

        also is it possible to set contract terms to such as the ‘in case of any problems and discripencies the liabiality is limited to the amount paid to the company.’

  83. Hi great blog and information but have following questions.

    i and my friend are planning to start a software development company currently we only 2 of are there and we plan to work from home only and take projects online or through reference.

    what step should we follow and many details mentioned are for small bussiness with ffew employee.

  84. Dear madam first of all let me thank you and appreciate you for all the information that you are providing for a young entreprenuers like me, may god give you all the strength. coming to me dear madam i am basically from Bangalore, karnataka presently i am doing a honey business that is i procure honey from the wholesalers of different parts of karnataka and repack them and selling it to my known people (family and friends) i would now like to establish it in a bigger way along with my friend with my own brand what are formalities that i need to undergo for this please help me through my email

    • Thanks for your comment.
      If you would like to register trading in honey business on your own, you can register proprietorship firm initially. Later on you can convert it into the Private Limited company.


  86. Mam,

    I have registered a pvt. company, a software company doing only a offshore development. What are licenses need to take ? Give some guidance

  87. hi,
    We want to form an e-commerce company in delhi,
    which will sell goods in delhi ncr(3 states delhi,Up & haryana) please let us know the procedure to form a company whic can sell goods in all states.

  88. This blog is very informative and helpful for anyone looking to start a business. I appreciate your help.

    I am starting a business (sole proprietorship firm) of healthy meal salads in Mumbai and have some questions about it. The distribution model is like this: I serve my products in corporate office canteens. They (office) provide me with a little space in their canteen where I put up a stall for a day or just for few hours during lunch and sell my products to their employees. Since, making salads only involves chopping and mixing, I do not require a central kitchen or a space to prepare. And so I use the space at their office canteen. There is no contract signed with them since it’s not an everyday affair.

    1. Do I need to have a physical office space in order to register the company? Or is it possible to only have a virtual presence through a website? I am currently operating from home and do not require an office at this stage.

    2. Can I apply for a shops and establishment license without a permanent physical business address?

    3. I am creating a website soon. If I want to take orders through a website, and supply meal salad to people, what kind of registration and licenses are required?

    Would love to know your thoughts and opinions about this. Thanks!

    • 1. You will need a physical office space. It is possible to have a virtual office.
      2. Without having physical business address, you cannot apply for Shop and Establishment licence.
      3.You shall need to apply for VAT.

  89. I want to start my own design firm in Pune which will provide Product and Communication design services to other companies or individuals as per their requirement.
    I have not hired any one and don’t have a office as i can provide design service from my home and for other requirements I normally outsource it to other people.I also want to take up projects in states outside Maharashtra .

    Do I need to have a partner for registering my company? Do I need a shop act license or any other registration? What is the process of getting a TIN or DIN number? Do i need to have a office or I can work from home and then later rent a office?

    • For registration of Private limited company needs minimum two directors and shareholders. After registration, you will need shop act licence, PAN TAN. You can work from home and rent a office later.

  90. hello Minal ,

    its really wonderful to see people like you helping out those who are struggling to start new ventures . I am verymuch thankful to you for this ,your blog /replies are really helpful . please keep doing this .

    i hope you wont mind to answer my queries .
    1 . can you please convey me documents/procedure for proprietry frm reg in grampanchayat area in maharashtra .
    2 .as I understood ,shop act license is not required for grampanchyat limits . do you have any format ready with you for taking permission from gram panchyayat (NOC).
    3 . as my nature of bussiness is wholesale dealing in grains ,pulses,oil seeds (so far no formal license has been opted ) . along with this now I am planning to start agri processing of grains/oil seeds. does this require addtional licneses/permits from FDA ?
    so in brief i want to register as :
    – wholesale dealer of grains,pulses,oil seeds AND
    – agro processors
    could you please brief me in detail procedure and documents required for my needs above ?

    vinay shinde

    • In Maharashtra for establishment of any business you need to make application for shop act, if the place of business is situated outside the corporation limits, then shop act registration is not necessary. You will have to check what documents are needed for getting certificate from Gram Panchayat. I would also advise you to visit nearest FDA office who will help you to provide you FDA licence.

  91. One of my client invested Rs.5 lakh in indian company out of Rs.5 lakh Rs.3 lakh transfered from NRO account. The Resdential status of investor was NRI. is this investment treated as FDI? Is my client has to follow all the FEMA guildlines?

  92. Hi madam,

    We would like to open our pvt ltd company in Bangalore, we offering services in Modular furniture’s and Interiors to office and home. Weather I can able to create both company’s by single name. I mean furniture & Interior.

    • Yes, you can make one application for name of Private Limited for doing business in modular furniture and interior to office and home.

  93. Dear Madam,
    Iam planning to start a small restaurant. Its going to be a Propretiary concern. Should it still be registered as a company? Could you please guide the procedure.

    Many thanks.

  94. Hello Meenal,
    I would like to start up an Electronic retail store and I was wondering if could help me out with the procedure involved starting from the paper works, registration, laws and regulations for the firm. It will be a great help if you can provide me the above information. thank you :)

  95. Hi….thanks for such an informative blog…wanted to ask whether a person who already has a DIN & now wants to incorporate a new pvt. ltd Company…. so can he proceed with name availability application without applying for fresh DIN and without the DIN of other proposed director. In other words can 1 person with an already existing DIN can alone apply for name availability application?

    • A person having approved DIN can proceed with name application without applying for fresh DIN. But for registration process, minimum two DIN of individuals are required. One person cannot alone apply for name availability application.

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