Relaxation of additional fees and extension of time for filing of e-forms

Considering the technical glitches being observed in the MCA Website, there is some relief to existing stake holders about filing of e-forms which are due for filing between 25.03.2016  to 30.06.2016 with  Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

The Government has provided relaxation of additional fees and extension of time for filing e-forms under Companies Act 2013 and Form 11 LLP.

Following are the key points of the Circular no. 07/2016 dated 30.05.2016.

  1. To extend the period for which one time waiver of additional fees is applicable to e-forms which are due for filing between 25.03.2016  to 30.06.2016 and
  2. To extend the last date of filing such documents and availing the benefit of waiver till 10.07.2016.
  3. To extend the time limit of filing form 11 of LLP in respect of Financial year 31.03.2016 upto 30.06.2016 without additional fees.


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5 thoughts on “Relaxation of additional fees and extension of time for filing of e-forms

  1. Ultimately, after spending many hours on the internet at last we have uncovered somebody that surely does know what they are discussing many thanks a lot for this.
    Great post.

  2. I’m into startup of pvt Ltd company with all members being share holders to invest ours money to stock market through our company. Is it allowed or not and do I need to take sebi registration to do this

  3. I am director of an LLP which hasnt done any business for the last 3yrs, we do file our annual returns evey year. We have a new business venture whose objective may be different from the one we had created.

    How can we re-use our existing LLP for the new business?
    1. The new business would need a new name, can it still work under our existing LLP as a sub brand? Is that possible?
    2. What happens if we dont do anything and continue to run the business with the new name with the accounts linked to our old LLP?


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