How to validate the digital signature on the Certificate of Incorporation

When the Certificate of Incorporation (.pdf) is received from the Registrar of Companies (ROC) & opened in the Adobe Reader,  it may display the signature as “Validity unknown”.

In order to validate the same, few steps needs to be followed in the Adobe Reader.

Please refer to the attached  PDF file for the instructions Validate_Incorporation_Certificate


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18 thoughts on “How to validate the digital signature on the Certificate of Incorporation

  1. Thanks Meenal, it was very useful 🙂

  2. The Certificate of incorporation is generated by respective Registrar of Companies. Now a days it is generated in pdf format hence it is digitally signed by the Registrar of office. You need to validate the DSC once certificate is generated.

  3. Dear ma’am, I have to open a bank account for my newly incorporated company. But SBI manager is telling to bring the original hard copy of certificate of incorporation. As it’s not possible because mca is only providing electronic copy of the same. Kindly assist where is it written that Mca is not providing any hard copy for COI?

  4. For lodging a online grievance on MCA portal, is it mandatory to have digital signature of the complainant?

  5. How To Download Certificate of incorporation

  6. Dear Mam, is it necessary to get the company formation work to be done by a CA or CS? can i being a director of the proposed co. can do the formation if i have the complete knowledge of the same?

    • A director who is applicant can make name application online as well as submit incorporation documents such as memorandum and articles of association. But he cannot submit form 18 (Situation of registered address) and 32 (Appointment of first directors) without the DSC of CS/CA/CWA professional. These are the forms should be submitted simultaneously along with form 1. Hence you will help of CA/CA/CWA. Not only that but the drafting of Memorandum and articles is also become necessary which should be suitable to the business/ activity, which is drafted professionally by these professionals.

  7. Madam-
    If any person is Director of more than one company then he will use one DIN number to all company or he has to obtain different DIN numbers for each company?

    • If a person is director of more than one company then he can use one DIN to all companies. Because one person can not get two DIN.

  8. Madam, how to download a copy of the incorporation certificate from mca site? Thank you for the assistance.

    • If the company’s registration number is new i.e. after say 2007, you can obtain copy of certificate of incorporation by taking on line search. For on line search you will have to log in and go to “View Public document”, pay Rs. 50 /- for search and download the certificate.
      If the registration number is very old, you can get certified true copy of incorporation certificate from the Registrar of Companies within whose jurisdiction the office is situated.

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