How to verify if a Company is Registered with RoC / MCA / Government?

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Recently one of my clients wanted to know if a particular Company is genuine i.e. registered with MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) since he heard they were involved in some kind of fraud/scam related to Network/Chain marketing &  wanted to know the details of the Directors of that Company as well.

Since there is a way to validate all this through MCA’s Website itself, that too without any charges, i thought of posting this for anyone’s knowledge.

Following different links can be used to know couple of details about any Company. You just need to enter the desired Company Name in the Search box  in order to know it’s details.

Check if the Company Name really exists

Click on the following image to see the example.

 Check Company Name

Check Company Master Data –

Click on the following image to see the example.

Company Master Data example

View Index of Charges – This displays the details about any Secured Loan taken from any Bank by the Company.

Click on the following image to see the example.

View Index Of charges

View Signatory details – This displays the details of the Signatory/ Directors like Name, Residential Address etc.

Click on the following image to see the example.


View Signatory Details

If any Company claims to be registered with MCA/Registrar of Companies (RoC), you may ask them for the CIN (Company Incorporation Number) which is allotted by RoC (each registered Company has a unique CIN allotted). If you could not find the Company Name either using name or CIN provided, you can be sure that it’s not Registered with Registrar of Companies/Government of India.

Note: Only LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), Private Limited Company & Public Limited Company Status can be obtained using MCA Website. Status of entities registered as Sole Proprietorship (having Shop Act Registration) or Partnership Firm can not be obtained through MCA Website.

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  1. Thanks for taking time out of ur life and doing good for people with these kinds of useful information………and i have a questn……i know company name..can i get its roc number only by its name

  2. Thanks Meenal for such useful information

  3. Hi Mam,

    I want to register my company with a name xxx but it seems that there is already a company registered with a name Xyx so the pronunciation of both the company is same so can I register my company?

  4. Madam
    Please tell mi details of registrations for pvt ltd,or Llp which type of registration better for mi in holiday club and tourism sector.

  5. Hello, My company falls under MSME then how can I check my registeration?

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I am in the IT industry and generally not very conversant with these indian company related details. But with this simple links that you shared, and that too of certified govt websites, I am able to proceed to gain more knowledge and also share in my loan process.

  7. Thank You, this is very good info. I understand that a parterneship firm details cannot be found on the MCA website. Do you know how can I get a registered partership firm details?

  8. Hi,
    I recently tied with XX XXX Technologies Kolkata India in online business. The Owner/director XXX XXXX claims his company registered with Indian government. But I could not find any evidence of his company registration.
    Can you please help me find out details of said company?

    Thanks & Regards

  9. Hello Ma’am,
    Firstly, I would like to say thanks for your help and immediate response.

    I would like to know a company is registered with the CIN/LLP “AAA-with four digit number”.
    Could I know which type of company is this?

    If you are free in addition could I have all possible types of CIN/LLP names.

    Thanks & Regards
    Your Blog Lover

  10. Great information, keep on!

  11. Hi,
    Im looking to validate the existence of Divine Models Private Limited, but MCA website can not fins anything. Does it mean that it doesn’t exist or its closed? If closed is it possible to find out termination date?

  12. how to get MOM,AOA,COI company name Lando Infreastructure and Developement company pvt ltd ,roc bangalore

  13. Hi I planned to start a start up company. So I have to check the name availability what I selected. How can I check the name availability ?

  14. Hi Mam!please tail me how can i shut a MCA Register company?

  15. Thanks for the information.. it really helpful and straight forward information.

  16. Hi Mam,

    I need to check Financials of a company. Is it a paid service on MCA? How can I view that?

  17. Hi Madam!

    We wish to Start & Register a New Partnership Firm. Unfortunately the Same name exists for another Partnership firm which is currently running in our neighboring city by different persons and active . So, Can we register with the same Name & do our business in our location?




    • I think you had applied for name which was approved by Government, but not applied for incorporation afterwords. You have to submit MOA AOA and other incorporation documents with Government after approval of name. Name approval does not mean incorporation process is completed.

  19. Hi
    I want to know whether we can book a domain with a name of company which is owned by some other person and the name of company is not available on MCA records.

  20. I’ve registered new pvt ltd company in august 2016.
    registration company gave me cin without seal and signature of authority on my mail. but my friend show me their company cin with seal and signature registered in 2009.This is true registered pvt ltd company get their cin without seal and signature now this time.

    Best Regards,

    • After 2011 the Government has started issuing certificate of incorporation in soft copy with DSC of Registrar of Companies. The certificate which you have obtained through email is valid certificate if it is having attached with DSC of Registrar.

  21. How to check if Sole propritory or partnership

  22. Can we use the word INDIA for new Partnership firm and Is CIN necessary for partnership firm?

  23. Tanq very much for the information..

  24. Hello mam,I want to know ” 5th Ace Technologies ” a software company in bhubaneswar,odisha is resistered or not.

    Actually I know the way you are showing to check in site,I also checked there I don’t found it.
    But I found the company in glassdoor and in google as software company.

    Please mam tell me It is registered or not.And if possible tell something about that mention some companies.
    Thanks in advance.

  25. Hi Madam,
    Recently i was registered a TechSuda online service Pvt. Ltd company.Incorporation is doubt is i am starting a online water and online e commerce business under this company. Online water business name is Super water (Mobile application) and online e commerce is ( so do i need to register this two business names againg with MOA ? can i start this two business under TechSuda Online services pvt Ltd ?

  26. Mam,

    I want to register a ‘private limited company’ with the name ‘A and B Intellectual Property Services Limited’. However, I understood that the phrase ‘Intellectual Property’ will not be allowed since none of the directors are having legal background. My question – is it correct? if how is there any way out? please help

  27. hello mam, i am from delhi, i want to know wheather a private ltd. co. can appoint a C.E.O. or any authrised signatory for signing any legal documents on behalf of the co. without passing any resolution or without informing to R.O.C . one so called C.E.O. of a pvt. ltd. co. has signed a police complaint on behalf of the co. and action has been taken in legal by police but no information has been given to R.O.C by the co for appointment of such C.E.O. pl suggest me wheather it is forged. or right . pl reply.

  28. /Hello Maam

    I had applied a LLP for incorporation around one month back in Uttarakhand RoC but, Certificate of Incorporation still not issued by them even though the name approval was sent on 18th Jan-16

    Pl let me know:
    1. how do we check the current status of LLP registration
    2. Is this period is usual time taken
    3. Is there no hurry at RoC end now days even govt. is promoting startup

    • After name approval the LLP shall require to be registered within 3 months. If incorporation is not yet done, please raise the ticket with SRN on MCA portal under LLP, the solution will be resolved.

  29. What is difference between registered company in roc/mca & registration of establishment produced by local municipal corporation.

    • MCA is Ministry of Corporate Affairs wherein private limited companies or public limited companies or LLP are registered. Wherein Local Municipal corporation, only local administration and registration will be done.

  30. I want to make a donation. how to find the authenticity of a NGO/Section 25 company ? does not cover them

  31. Madam, very well explained all the details

  32. Mam we have applied for online ROC Registration. How can get my Certificate of Regstn? Plz advise.

  33. Hi mam,
    A company have 5 branches like pune,delhi…then it need to be registered 5 times or once.
    Please explain me about this.ASAP

    • If the company is establishing branches keeping one registered address of the company, then separate registration of private ltd is not required. The registration of company shall be required within the jurisdiction of the city/ town where the registered office of the company is to be registered.

  34. madam
    Is blue world technology genuine company or not?
    What is meant by ISO certificate?
    ISO certified company genuine or not?
    Is mandatory registered to registered with MCA website for every company?
    Blue world technology send me image of a ISO certificate bearing license No.JAS/1114L/692

    please help me

  35. I am recently hired by a company which is not registered with mca/roc neither a pvt. lts company. how to check that its legal or not. pls revert asap.

  36. How do I get coporate information and good standing certificate?

  37. hi sir/madam

    I am Prasad. If the company is not registered in site. working in that company creates any problem or no problem.

  38. I want to start an OPC, is this mandatory to have 1 lakh Rs. for registering an OPC.

  39. I had purchased debentures of a company. they have not informed anything even after maturity period. their office does not exist on the given address.
    The company is registered with pune ROC, and the office as well as the directors are not traceable on the given address.
    The same directors appear on a new company, also registered with ROC pune, but they are not traceable on the new addresses also.
    There are no contact cell numbers on ROC.
    Therefore, are the addresses and contact numbers verified by ROC? The new company is formed in 2014 , even then such situation exists.
    So, what is the use of the information on MOC if fraudulent people can give any address?

  40. Very Clear explanation.Keep it up

  41. Hi,
    I have a company in UK n want to set up a foreign subsidiary company in Goa. Pls let me know how to go abt n whether d regular pvt company registration is d correct route to follow. Thx

  42. Give all details about network marketing company formation

    • Regarding formation of network marketing company, you need to apply for DSC of two directors, DIN of two directors, name application with Registrar of companies within the jurisdiction of which company is situated, MOA AOA, affidavits, e-forms such as INC-1, INC-7, DIR-12, INC-22, this is the procedure to be followed if you want to form private or public limited. For more details please refer my blog for an article- step by step procedure of formation of private limited in India. For further details you may call me.

  43. I found the information very useful. How do we know who is authorized to sign and bind the company to a contract?

  44. what do i do if “the company is in default in filling of form DIN3/ from DIR12-” this is shown in 4th check. plz rpl

  45. Hello Mam,
    I take Homemade Chocolates orders,wedding Packing order..!I want to give a name to my Business as “CHOCOLATE BAZAAR”.
    I want to know wether is name exist or not ,so that i can make my Business cards.and later on i can go for registration.
    Thank u for yr valuable time and efforts.


  46. well organized and presented…thank you 🙂

  47. how to find if a firm is registered or not like the way we find company is registered or not ?

  48. Thanks, helpful website.

  49. Thanks for the blog. It’s very helpful for people like me. Thanks

  50. How can i find about the details of “*Name moderated*” JAIPUR….it is a job consultant…if it is a genuine or not ….pls help me to with your valuable reply at the earliest

  51. Hi,

    I would like to do work from home jobs through online.
    Can you suggest me which one is better this time.


    • Either you can opt for registration of proprietorship firm or One Person company Pvt. ltd. it will depend upon the amount of investment. Because for Pvt. ltd the minimum capital required is Rs. 1 lakh and for firm, there is no restriction.

  52. Thank you very much for this nice post. Please tell how can check if a firm is registered or not

  53. I am recently hired by a company which is not registered in mca/roc neither havind ltd or pvt ptd at its end.How to check that the firm is leagle or not.Please revert asap.

  54. mam first of you are doing great job….
    and i just wanted to know how to determine an online part time job providing company is fake or not…

  55. what is a role of non acting director in opc / pvt. ltd co. how much right he/she have in company.

  56. Hi Ma’am,
    Is it possible to check the financials (P&L statement, Balance Sheet) of a private company. Please advise on how to go about this.

  57. very useful info,can u tell me what it mean by
    authorised capital?

  58. Very useful. Thank you

  59. Nice Job, Ms. Meenal,

    I want to ask a query:
    if a company registered before 01.04.14 say in march,14, whether need to file declaration in INC-21 for commencement of business?

    further, what if company is incorporated in Jan,14?

    thanks in advance.

  60. Thanks for your efforts. The blog is quite informative.

    Thank you

  61. Good evening! I hold 3000 equity shares of Aditya Exports Ltd since 1991.Due to job transfers I couldnt follow. Now I have no idea of the company. How to redeem my investment? Now it is de-listed. Pls advice

  62. Thank you mam for maintaining such a wonderful blog.I have a query which i would like to ask..
    I am trying to register a real estate company regarding which i have a confusion that if a particular name has been already taken or not.Is there any way in which i can check if the name i am thinking of is available or already registered . Also what minimal changes should i make if the name is already taken ?

  63. Hi Dear madam. Please clarify my following doubt .
    How to download uploaded e forms from MCA.? What is the process of find company registration number ?

    Thanks you madam.

    • Please log in to and view public documents by paying Rs. 100 for company. You can view and download documents or forms of company by selecting my documents. View Public documents service is available for 3 hrs per company, from the time the first document is viewed, and is valid for 1
      if you want to find out company registration number then please go to find CIN and type company full name.

  64. a private limited company strike off by ROC in the year 2002 can sold its fixed assets

  65. Thanks for the your blog it is very useful for people like me who do not know any thigh about froud going on.
    Recently i am enerting into a rent agreemnt for my property with acompony. I find the details of the compony is avalable on site of ROC. However when i view signatory i find that signatory are dufferent from person who is delaing with me. Should rent agreement be signed bi signatory indicaed on ROC site or nay other person can sign.

    • I think if you have checked view signatory details you will get information of directors of company and who has digital signature certificate. if you have found that signatory is different from person who is dealing with you then he may not be director of company.

  66. Hi , I want register my company and wanted to check about the naming of the company. I have deiced to name ‘MARAM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED’ but i can see that another company with “MARAM SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED” was already register. How can i proceed further as the name resembles my sir name and i need to know best option.Appreciate your advice.

    Thanks in advance
    Maram Nandini

  67. Hi,

    A company has applied for striking off its name. How verify whether it has been struck off or not? Any link on MCA site?


  68. Dear mam,

    What I want to know is is there any site where I can get information about recently registered companies in India(whether domestic/international /MN companies). Is it available in MCA site.

  69. My company registered in delhi as a limited now i am going open new branch in tamilnadu. should I register in local corporation office?

  70. Dear Ma’am

    Is it possible to know if a company has changed names ?
    e.g. XYZ Pvt Ltd changed its name to XYZ Ltd

    Is such information accessible ?



  71. Dear Mam
    Thanks for all your efforts in providing us such a great and important information and guiding us.

    Here I want to Know something.

    Recently I have been contacted by a person regarding job offer.
    He said that he want to expand his business in my state and for that he wants to hire me as BDM.
    His company name is (company Name moderated) with a turnover of 1 to 1.5 crore as displayed on the company website.
    He wants me to hire a C&F agent having security deposit of 1.5 Lakh rupee.
    Here the doubt arises in my mind and I checked the MCA website , whether the company is registered or not.
    What I found is It doesn’t show anything with this name, means the company is not registered.
    So all I want to know is that is it possible to run a company with 1.5 crore turnover without registering with MCA?
    And if it is not then Please guide me how to disclose this fraudulent activity?
    Whether I have to contact with Anti-corruption bureau?

    Please help me and answer my queries.

    I am eagerly waiting for your response.

    Thanks once again for such a great work.

    • Please check first of all whether the name is ending with LLP or Private limited or Limited. If yes then check name on Ministry site. If the company does not have word ending with LLP or Pvt. ltd or Ltd. then it will not there on site

  72. Madam
    The information provided is very useful.
    I want to know whether any information about a company’s(pvt ltd) products can be obtained online. I mean what the company is dealing with? Is there any way to inspect MOAn etc by third party?

  73. Hi,
    Please help me, tell me if this fake or registered company, the name is reflecting in the MCA website but other than name i cannot find anything…
    Company Name: [Company Name Moderated] private limited
    LLPIN/CIN/1A Ref No: [Moderated]

  74. hello, i am looking for a company to help me deal with compaines registered in India.
    i have many chinese clients, so i hope we have chance to coperate together.
    it would be great if you call me, or by email,
    [Contact Details Moderated]

    i am looking forward to hear from you
    thank you

  75. Very helpful information. Thank you!

  76. Hello Mam,

    I want to register a company and while searching on the above link it is not showing any result but as i am seeing the URL, it is ending with .in and i have doubt that it is only checking the company name registration with India, what about all over the world ? I cant register the same name if it is registered anywhere in the world, am i right? Please get me all the details so that i can proceed with it.

  77. how long period Of name Approval valid
    if one time renewal can we again reapply for approval the name

  78. If the company name is not listed in MCA21 website …means if it is not showing there …what it means?

  79. Thanks Mam, the information provided is very useful.
    Can it be accessed whether a company created as Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for a particular project registered with MCA is undertaking only the project for which it is registered??? or is it involved in more than 1 project??

  80. Dear meenal

    I read through few items above and used them to track some info on mca website. thanks for very clear and helpful information provided by you.

    is it possible to search a company financials online and if yes, how do we do that.

    best regards

  81. Ms Meenal,
    Truly, a very informative and helpful Blog created by you, Thank you.

  82. Thank You Meenal for this particular page in the blog.
    Extremely helpful with the direct links provided.

  83. hello madam,

    how can i obtain balance-sheet of any registered company. pl. guide me. i need last years balance-sheet

  84. I cannot find cin number of followining companies in your mca21 portal
    (Company Names Moderated)

  85. Mam, I want to know this company is Genuine or Real.Name of company is: (Company Name Moderated) Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Tell me the Company details & How may i know the Company is Genuine or Fake… Help me Mam..Pls..

  86. Hi,

    I registered a company by the name of (Company Name/CIN Moderated) CIN No. UXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I did not start any business later. I want to know if the name is still activated or not.
    I am not able to find out the company name on the MCA website,
    Would I be able to use the same name for starting a new venture?

  87. Dear Ma`am,

    I want to start a dotcome compnay. What should be the formation process of the same?

  88. Are founders of companies required to be registered on MCA too? & at What point the founder exited their stake or interest in the said companies ?

  89. Hi…..i have one company registration number but i cannot finding the company details to using the registration number.can you please send the link to finding details of the company.

  90. Dear Mam,


    This was actually pertaining to immigration. I am in consultation with one of the immigration consultants in Delhi for quite some time. I would not want to disclose the name of the agency in public.

    Now my concern is that though they claim to have been into the business for past 7 years, but their registration date says that they were established on 21/02/2014. I would not want to get into any sought of a fix and hence thought of taking your expert advice.

  91. Respected Madam,
    Firstly thanks for so informative blog. My question is, Where & How can i check whether a proprietorship company is registered or not?


  92. Hello mam,

    Mam My i ask you , We open a business related to services and we provide a Live Webcast Service.Mam please tell me What are the Desiganation of Employee of a partnership Firm. Because Director or a MD is lying in PVT LTD company . but our company is not a pVT LTD. So please tell me What are the Reputed Desiganation of a Partnership Firm. Because in letter head and other Docs required a Reputed signature.

  93. Hello, can you please tell me how to verify details of a company which is not functioning? For an example, if a company was established in 1985 in then stopped operation in 1988, can we get the details of the company on MCA portal?

    • Yes you can get details of the company on MCA portal though it stop operation. The Company data will continue to remain on MCA portal till it will be strike off.

      • Thank you. One more question please, on what basis a company may be strike off? Let me share the real issue. I am working in an HR consultancy firm. Few days back, I received a CV of a candidate with suspicious experience. He claims to have worked with a company for two years but the company does not exist on MCA portal. Is it possible that it may be strike off from the portal? Any other way to verify the fact?

  94. Hello Madam,
    The information provided was very useful and informative on your website.
    I have a query here I wanted to register my company as OM SAI ENTERPRISES PVT LTD.
    When I checked the availability of the name if this company name is already registered with RoC,and I found that there is a company already registered with this name with registration number U51395MH2004PTC144528 and registered on 13th Feb-2004.But its status is showing as dormant.If I am correct if any company is registered under this name that name will not be available for registration.But here since the companies status is dormant can I still get that name for my company.

  95. Hi Minal,

    Thanks for the great information.

    I have few questions.

    What is the difference between Firm Registered and MCA Registered companies.

    How to check the firm registered companies.


    • A firm registered company shall be registered as proprietorship firm and you will not find any record on MCA site but the companies those are registered under Companies Act shall be registered on MCA site.

  96. Hello Madam,

    Our company already registered under firm registration of pondicherry. Do we need to register with MCA ? what is the actual purpose doing that. Please clarify

  97. Thank you. The blog is highly informative.

  98. Hello mam, i am going to join company name (Company Name Moderated) MANAGEMENT SERVICES INDIA PVT. LTD.
    It is register but its CIN and data master detail are not available what should i do?

  99. Madam, How to access registered company director contact numbers.

  100. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about how to check a valid company.


  101. hello mam
    is it possible only company name show
    no master data no other link
    then company is register or not

  102. Mam i am going to join a company
    (Company Name moderated)

    This is registered on the mca but it is not showing the incorporation date and authorised capital rs and
    paid up capital rs.and
    also it is highligthing on the private but it is a limited company as per the web
    what does it mean

  103. I some questions regarding starting a private firm:-
    1. Currently I have not employed any person and working with my wife, so can i start my private company and file the necessary documents for the same.
    2. My Annual turnover is near to 1 lakh and some times very less , so is there any requirement for registering your firm and after registering does my firm need to pay certain tax?
    3.We are working in Rajasthan and live in a rented house but our permanent address proof documents are of different state, so does this matter while registering?

    • Sorry for the delayed reply. yes you can start private company with you and your wife. As compliance, you should submit income tax return.
      if the permanent and present address is different, you can submit both the address for obtaining DIN and for registered address of the proposed company, you should submit the address proof of that place where you would like to incorporate company.

  104. Mam, I am gonna join in a company its name is registered in mca. Its given with cin. I checked its master data also, but the thing is I am getting “No Charges Exist for Company / LLP Name” pop when i look for its view index of charges. what does this mean ? . Could you please reply me..

  105. A pvt ltd co. is regd with ROC but does not exist at its regd office. What action can be taken against it and under what law?

  106. How can I check a company is registered or not through company registration number ? I have a registration number of a company in chandigarh.

  107. Thank you for this valuable post.

    Madam I saw a companies website shows their certificate of incorporation.
    in that certificate a corporate identity no is given. is that same as company incorporation number? and one more doubt is when i enter this no for getting company master details in mca website i got a company name which is different from the company incorporation certificate they shown in the website. what does it means? pls reply.

  108. please tell me (Company Name Moderated) tech pvt ltd which is located in bangalore basveshwara nagar 3rd stage is fake or not reply asap please


  110. respected madam,
    first of all thank you so much for providing such an important information to us.
    madam i have a question in my mind plz solve it, i will be very thankful to you.
    madam can i also register my company’s short form name, so that it could’nt be used by anyone else and one more question is that can i register my company’s logo and if i can than how to check its availability and how to register it.
    Thank You so much madam.

  111. Hello,

    Blog is very informative
    can you please tell me what is the process & procedure to register my currently running company.

  112. Dear Mam,
    Under Index of Charge,how to find the purpose of charge and and the description of charge?

  113. Please tell me that how i creat my own company and how does work on this. please contact me plzzzz

  114. Hi Madam,

    I am a JAVA developer.

    I got an offer from a company which is not registered in MCA.Please suggest is it good to join there or not.

  115. I m Dealing with Foreign Company and in which i m 50% partner and i also have ATM OF Bank A/c of The same and now i want to expand my service as opening call center service can I open the compny as same name as foreign and can i require to involve that foreigner in our indian business or not…

  116. Good Blog. Thanks and Best Wishes.

  117. Great job. Thank you.

    1. Could you tell us how to know the registration details of sole proprietorship companies viz. small time and mid sized consulting firms, etc. from mca or any such websites

    2. Is there a way to know if such firms are making profits consistently or know if there are any fraudulent charges against them?

    I am asking both these questions from a prospective employees’ perspective. Most of such firms after joining, fail to pay the salary promptly citing reasons of loss or lay off people. Worst part is they knew they were not doing well financially, yet hire people and fire them mercilessly half way for no mistake of employees.

    • There is no way (Online/Website) to know the details of the Proprietorship concern. Also the scenario you mentioned could happen with any entity & not just proprietorship company.

      • Thanks.

        Is there a specific govt department (apart from the police) to complain about companies that involve in such practices viz. not paying salary, not meeting the commitments in the offer letter, etc?

      • In the MCA website, if a company has defaulted in filing annual returns and balance sheet for two consecutive years in the past financial years and status is still active. Wouldn’t it be blacklisted by now or qualified to be blacklisted?

        • If the company fails to file Annual return and balance sheet for two consecutive years, it will not be blacklisted but it will be treated as defaulting company as per Government norms.

  118. Hello Ma’am i have some questions regarding the DSC
    1 what is the scope of DSC..?
    2 whether the DSC is not registered then that director may be bounded for some works.?
    3 If a DSC has been expired of any director so may it affect the decision taken by him after the DSC expired..?
    4 How to renew the DSC if that is expired or going to be expire.?

    • 1. DSC means Digital Signature certificate. Is is useful for filing Income tax and ROC returns, ROC forms.
      2. DSC has to be registered on without its registration, no forms will be filed with ROC within specified days.
      3. If a DSC has been expired of any director, it will not affect he decision taken by him, becasue obtaining DSC if procedural part.
      4. You have to make fresh application after renewal of DSC.

  119. hi madam,
    i would like to know about index charges.what happens if a company takes secured loan? please reply me.


    • If the company takes secured loan from bank, the company shall file form 8 (creation of charge) with ROC within 30 days from the date of creation of charge. For index of charge please visit “Company master data” available on

  120. Hi there I would like to know when and how a dormant company is stuck off. Is it by lapse of certain years or there is some other criteria.

    • To struck off dormant private limited company, you need to make application to the Registrar of Companies under FTE( Fast Track Exit) Scheme. After making this application the name of company will strike off from the Registrar. But it will never strike off its name because of just lapse of certain years.

      • Hi thanks for reply. How to use FTE and what will be expenses involved. The company is dormant for 25years now.

      • i saw the company name in MCA but the registered address is another state. then how can i confirm is the company is approved or duplicate

        • Please check details about existing company and then verify whether company is approved or duplicate. You can check the company Master data where you can get full information about the state where it is registered.

  121. Without registering company, can we do business?Its crime according to government rule?

    • You cannot do business without registering company. i.e. without obtaining certificate of incorporation. The certificate of incorporation is required for obtaining shop act licence, PAN TAN, VAT/CST/service tax.

  122. Hi Ms. Abyankar,
    Thanks for the very informative and useful post. I understand that “Status of entities registered as sole proprietorship (having shop act registration) or partnership firm cannot be obtained through the MCA website”. Is there any other place or site that can provide information about such entities.
    I am dealing with a case where an employee is being investigated for citing an ex-employer (Indenture Technologies) that does not seem to exist, but the employee in question claims that he did work there initially for a period of 1.5 years and was paid out in cash. While I understand that it is not unusual in India (through personal experience) for some companies to take in employees (more as trainees) and not pay them money or pay their employees in cash, is it possible to get details on such companies even though they may not exist anymore?
    Thanks again for your trouble.

  123. Hello ma’am thank you for your blog. It was really helpful. I have a question for you.
    My brother recently joined a software company
    and he has been working there for past 4 months. When I checked the details of that company through the links given there was no such company found. Is that mean the company is a fraud company or what could be the reason that it is not showing. Please reply. You can reply via email also.

  124. hi,
    Its a very good post. I have a question.
    how will I b able to find from how many years a company is working?Is there any way to find the board of directors or employees of the comapny?

  125. Thank you mam for a very helpful post. your post is much easy to make use of it

  126. Dear Madam, How to recocgnise company is registered or not? If we have only company name how to find out it’s registration confirmation or number?

    pls reply

  127. good post… more help ful..

  128. Hi Meenal,
    Really i have to thank you for ur blog posts which answers all the Questions for an Entrepreneur or an organization for their Step Ups .. Let me ask my Question.. May i know how to check the Name(Brand) Registration ..Pls mail me the link

  129. Very nice detailed blog,Thanks to share.

    Cases in which a Unlisted Company is not required to Arrange AGM and/or file Annual Returns to ROC?


    And If a company doesnot arrange AGM and doesnot file annual accounts,What status of that company can be possible?

    • The status of company would be “Defaulting company” if it fails to hold AGM and file forms related to Balance sheet profit and loss account and annual return.

  130. Needed to know, if a company has changed its name and wants to sell assets acquired under old name, can it use its old name and stamp in the contract to sell.? Is it okay.

  131. Thanks for excellent post. Have a question for you.

    Can a company having changed its name recently, sell the assets acquired under its old name by signing the contract using its old name? is it okay

    • The company cannot continue to use old name on any agreement, notices, letters, invoices or any other office stationery after change of name.

  132. My Old Employer not registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs … So, I have given all my documents which i had(appointment letter, experience letter, … Please help me regarding this issue and give me some suggestions regarding what to do next.

  133. hi cs this is ur gd block, i hv a quistion not related to company, i find ans many other way but fail , so plz hlp me, JUST TELL ME ” IS SENIOR MEDICAL OFFICER (S.M.O.) CLASS-1 ,, OFFICER OR ONLY CHEIF MEDICAL OFFICER IS CLASS1 OFFICER, TELL ONLY ABOUT MEDICAL FIELD ,,,

  134. I got a offer from a company, which asks money as a security deposit and for a bond of 1 year. I have checked and found out that the company was registered under MCA. can i go ahead and pay the amount to get the job?(They said all the details of the money, will be given and signed on a bond paper)

  135. Good blog , Thanks

  136. Please reply me if ithis company is genuine or certified.

    • You may follow the steps mentioned to check if any company is genuine or not.

      • i dnt knw that how to cross verify company genuine or not plz help me

        • Please follow the steps mentioned on this page.

          • Dear Madam,
            we have registered a company but CIN/LLPIN is showing as per below:

            LLPIN/CIN/1A Ref No Company or LLP Name State Registration Date Company Status
            BXXXXXXXX (Company Name Moderated) PRIVATE LIMITED Delhi 21/02/2014 Approved

            But, we are unable to find out the signatory with LLPIN/CIN/1A Ref No Company or LLP Name State

            kindly suggest

          • Can you please clarify your question ?
            Are you asking about how to check the signatory of ROC on certificate of incorporation ?

  137. Hi Meenal,

    I just want to know whether this company is registered or not and i checked the 5 steps that you posted on your blog , but i have few more doubts , 1) while checking the metadata of this company there i found 1)Date of Last AGM and 2) Date of Balance sheet both listed empty . Actually what does it mean ? And the company is asking me to provide security deposit amount of 50,000 rs . So after paying the amount if there any fraud happened , Is there a chance take action on that company? Thanks in advance !!!!

    • If the date of Last AGM and date of Balance sheet both listed empty, it means that the company is newly registered or if already registered not filed balance sheet of previous years.

  138. Madam, Is it possible to get / see directors photo of a pvt ltd company?

  139. Hi, Is there any way to view registration details of a partnership firm ? Thanks.

    • You cannot view the registration details of partnership firm on MCA 21 portal. it is application only for LLP and company.

  140. We have been contacted by a shipping line company, which seems to be just starting its business and has no vessels or information about their network or agents outside India.
    In the agreement, they are insisting on us transferring to them a USD 30,000 deposit, and refusing any bank guarantee instead. This made us a bit suspicious. Thanks to your post we have followed the steps and verified it is a registered company, but is there any way to check they are a good company, which will not steal our deposit after the transfer. How can we check the quality of the company, and protect ourselves? Their website don’t tell much, no clients, no agents network information. Would love to hear your opinion about this.
    Thanks a lot in advance

  141. Hi Meenal
    Is there any rules for naming a Sole proprietorship Company.. I decided to do it on my family acronym name

  142. hi im gurpreet singh from i have done a couse from a organitation govt regd no 2024 and i just want to chek whether is it reconiged , and on certificate its ISO 9001-2008 , can any one wright these lines on any certificate .plzz tell me if i wanted to chk where can i chk plzz help me .

  143. where i find a trust is regd under govt india or GOVT REGD no is 2074 if u can tell then plzz.i have done computer couse from this institution and i wanted to is it valid ? so plzz help

  144. Hi,

    I just want to check few details before joining the organisation (XYZ). Inorder to check if company is genuine we look for MCA site. If the MCA site has mentioned that the Registration date is 2012 will it be in same year or is there any possibility for the owners to renew it.

    Worried about the date of registration as they informed its from 21 years. Can a company exist and register later after like 4-5 years after they set up ???


    • There could be either two possibilities as follows :-

      1) The mentioned organisation is in business since last 21 years as proprietory concern/ partnership firm and later on registered as company in 2012.

      2) The company was registered with old name and later on changed its name. In the case of change of name, the ROC issues Fresh Certificate of incorporation with current date and in which they mention the old registration date.

  145. Hi,
    I am going to buy a flat so that I want check all details of developer.

    Will please help me that how can I check balance sheet of the company.


  146. Hi, could you guide me how to get the official document from ROC (or some other Indian government agency) with all important info about the private company in India (LTD): the name, short name, address, ownership structure, current status … We need that document for completing some process in Serbia/EU about Indian company which is in process of opening its branch in Serbia. The master data of private company that we found on MCA contains almost all necessary info (excluding ownership structure). But, we need that document with signature and stamp provided by official person in ROC as we will complete the process (with apostille …). Thanks in advance.

    • Please visit nearest Registrar of Companies within whose jurisdiction the registered office of the company is situated and ask for certified true copy of required document.

  147. Hi, i have purchased plots at shahpur along with my frinds with VMC realtors and developers an iso certified company 2008,i have seen as per your advice its a registered co with ministry of corporate affairs with the registration no, now how do i find out that staill this company is valid not a fraud and is still having business up in running and the managing committee is not a fraud how do i get the current update of this company / developer

  148. thanks for reply, it is ampro industries which is not registered. now the company is not in existence. so how to get the information of that company?

  149. hi, iam buying an independent house at hyderabad. here vendor given his land to DEVELOPER (Company Name Moderated Pvt Ltd) to develop the land & jointly sold the land to the vendee. now iam buying the land from the vendee by taking the bankers loan. here the bankers asking (Company Name Moderated) by laws, resolution, names of board of directors which iam unable to find out in roc/mca/LLP? WHAT TO DO?

    • Since you are not able to find out the details of company, it may be possible that the company does not exist or not registered with the Registrar of Companies.
      Additionally you can ask for the Corporate Identification Number (CIN) i.e. the registration number of the company and search for the same.

  150. Hi Meenal,

    First of all you are doing a great job.
    I personally appriciate it as it is of lot of help for a beginer.

    I wanted to set up a import export company in india and i want to be a sole owner of it.
    I wanted help with which extension should i register my company?? mode of transactions, etc etc. Also i have lots of questions on this, will you be able to help me with this??

  151. Thank you very much for posting this. It really helped me and the information provided by you is true.. Thanx again.


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